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Twenty-four varieties of peppers were grown at the Horticulture Research Center (HRC) outside of Fort Collins, Colorado during the 2004 growing season. Transplants were started in the greenhouse on April 1st. Seeds were planted into 72-cell trays filled with Sunshine No. 3 brand soil mix and topped with vermiculite to aid in keeping the seeds moist. Seedlings were fertilized once a week with fish emulsion fertilizer fed through an injector. An average of 20 plants of each variety were transplanted at the HRC on May 26th into black plastic mulch on beds with 30″ centers, in a double row at 18″ in-row spacing with one line of drip tape. Plastic hoops were used to support row cover from transplanting time until mid-July.

Unfortunately we were hit with a severe golf-ball sized hail storm on August 10, 2004. That storm plus a cool season lended to poor pepper production (see our Study Area web page for more weather information). Therefore we are not reporting yield data per plant for severely hail damaged varieties, however average weight per pepper, photos, and comments for each of the varieties are below. Yield data is available for varieties that had negligible hail damage, although again, keep in mind the unusually cool season. We will continue with pepper variety trials in 2005.



Yield Data

% Hail Damage
Ace Bellpepper

(Green to Red Sweet Bell Pepper)

3.53 oz./fruit
100% germination rate, thick walled, work horse of a pepper, reliable, first flower set may need thinning because of propensity to become self-entangled, traditionally a good performer
Antohi Romanian
Antohi Romanian

(Specialty/Ethnic Sweet Pepper)

2.71 oz./fruit
78% germination rate, beautiful color, nice size, very productive, thick walled, but unfortunately plain flavor
Buldog Hungarian Spice
Buldog Hungarian Spice

(Ristra/Drying Pepper)

1.21 oz./fruit
83% germination rate, pretty colored pepper
Conchos Jalapeno
Conchos Jalapeno

(Jalepeno Pepper)

1.49 oz./fruit

1.64 lbs./plant

100% germination rate, nice large peppers, heavy yields, and ironically earlier than Early Jalepeno
Early Jalapeno
Early Jalapeno

(Jalepeno Pepper)

0.40 oz./fruit

1.60 lbs./plant

87% germination rate, good set, still a good producer but not as large a pepper as the Conchos
Giant Macaroni
Giant Marconi

(Italian Grilling Pepper)

1.38 oz./fruit

1.28 lbs./plant


truly giant – nice sized peppers with thick walls, indeed great for grilling, 2002 AAS winner

Gourmet Bell Pepper

(Orange Sweet Bell Pepper)

4.32 oz/fruit
90% germination rate, large pepper, nice color

(Specialty/Ethnic Pepper)

89% germination rate, lots of buds but too late, almost no production
Hot Pepper Lantern
Hot Pepper Lantern

(Specialty/Ethnic Pepper)

89% germination rate, almost no production
Hungarian Hot Wax
Hungarian Hot Wax

(Specialty/Ethnic Pepper)

0.90 oz./fruit

1.0 lbs./plant

93% germination rate, pretty, tasty hot pepper, very prolific, some sunburn
Purple Islander Bell PepperOrange Island Bell Pepper

(Sweet Bell Pepper – Purple to Orange to Red)

3.66 oz./fruit
86% germination rate, great marketability, people love color purple to orange, however walls are still somewhat thin when purple
King Arthur Bell Pepper
King Arthur

(Green to Red Sweet Bell Pepper)

5.36 oz./fruit
97% germination rate, great variety, BIG bells, covered well by leaves, beautiful sized fruits, consistent variety
Krimzon Lee Pepper
Krimzon Lee

(Ristra/Drying Pepper)

2.58 oz./fruit
96% germination rate, an attractive pepper, good for roasting and grilling
Labrador Yellow Pepper

(Yellow Sweet Bell Pepper)

3.54 oz./fruit
83% germination rate
Lipstick Red Pepper

(Specialty/Ethnic Sweet Pepper)

2.33 oz./fruit
61% germination rate, thick walls, a beautiful multi-use pepper, previous experience indicates that it’s a good performer in this area
Numex Joe E. Parker Southwest style chile pepper
Numex Joe E. Parker

(SW Style Chile)

1.99 oz./fruit

2.0 lbs./plant

71% germination rate, good reliable chile pepper
Perfection white sweet pepper

(White Sweet Bell Pepper)

3.25 oz./fruit
94% germination rate, medium to small size, valued as an additional color to your pepper mix
Round of Hungar Special Pimento Peppers
Round of Hungary

(Specialty/Ethnic Sweet Pepper – Pimento)

3.20 oz./fruit
72% germination rate, beautiful deeply lobed pepper, very sweet, great in salads, needs washing when grown on plasticulture if soil splash is a problem
Serrano del sol southwest style chili pepper
Serrano del sol

(SW Style Chile)

0.33 oz./fruit
92% germination rate, good set, heavy yields, hot pepper!
Brown Sweet Chocolate Bell Pepper
Sweet Chocolate

(Brown Sweet Bell Pepper)

2.31 oz./fruit
73% germination rate, small size, good chocolate color, tend to get soft quickly after turning brown, thin walled
Thai Dragon Pepper
Thai Dragon

(Ristra/Drying Pepper)

0.08 oz./fruit

0.48 lbs./plant

94% germination rate, brutally hot!!
Tiburon Pablono Pepper

(Poblano/Ancho Pepper)

1.48 oz./fruit

1.06 lbs./plant


94% germination rate, nice deep green pepper, good stuffing/roasting pepper – thin walled

x3r Red Knight
X3R Red Knight

(Green to Red Sweet Bell Pepper)

5.43 oz./fruit
87% germination rate, good sized peppers, in these trials performed better than Ace
Hail Damage on peppers Hail Damage on peppers Mix of Bell Pepper Varieties including Islander and Perfection
Examples of hail damage on peppers
Mix of bell pepper varieties (Islander on left, Perfection top right)
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