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Seeding Techniques


CAN-DUIT Vacuum Seeder

We received the CAN-DUIT Vacuum Seeder as a donation from the Blackmore Company, Inc. (Belleville, MI). The seeder aided us in seeding hundreds of 72-celled flats for our lettuce bolting study. The seeder uses vacuum suction to pick up seeds from a tray (needles can be spaced according to the cell spacing), and then the seed is gently released onto the surface of the soil by pressing a button to release the vacuum suction. The seeder gave us great precision in seeding and saved us a considerable amount of time. Different sized needles can be used for different sized seeds to allow for more or less suction.

Researcher loading CAN-DUIT seeder Researcher Depositing Seeds Researcher Emptying remaining seeds
Loading CAN-DUIT seeder
Depositing seed
Emptying remaining seed


At the HRC, we used a Nibex precision planter and a Planet Jr. seeder to plant most of our direct seeded crops. The trusty, old standard Planet Jr. planters use seed plates and a gravity feed. The Nibex precision planter is a cup-disc planter. It is a little more cumbersome to calibrate and operate but it is indeed very precise.

Nibex precision planter Planet Jr. seeder tool being used by researcher (wheel barrow like tool)
Nibex precision planter
Planet Jr. seeder
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