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CSU Extension now offering online recertification for core credits through April 2020. Please sign up here

If you need your private applicator CECs, another option is to take the online test, which you can access here.


To become recertified, both private and commercial applicators must earn credits in CDA-required categories. These credits must be earned any time during the 3 year licensing period. The required “core” categories all applicators must earn to be elidgible for recertification are:

  • 2 Credits Laws and Regulations
  • 1 Credit Pesticides and their families
  • 1 Credit Enviromental Protection
  • 1 Credit Use of Pesticides
  • 1 Credit Applicator Safety
  • 1 Credit Public Safety

For Commercial applicators, category credits are required in addition to all 7 core credits. Turf, ornamental, and structural applicators must earn 2 credits in their license category. All other applicators must earn 1 credit in their category .

Search by Date and Location through the Google Calender below. Each location will contain information on core credits offered and category credits if available. Not every workshop offers all core credits.

Title Core Credits Offered Contact
Armbrust Workshops ALL
  • Scott Armbrust
  • 303-941-5581
  • email
Swift Horticultural ALL
DP Ag Services CEC Workshops ALL
  • Donovan Henderson
  • 718-852-0824
McDonald Workshops ALL
A & M Pest ALL
  • David Anaya
  • 719- 778-1740
Rid-A-Pest CEC Workshop ALL
  • Scott Armbrust
  • 303-798-2227
  • email
Kevin Gallagher No core, Categories 107,108,109,110,206,302
  • Kevin Gallagher
  • 720-402-7778
  • Email
Pestweb Online Training Use of Pesticides, Pesticides and Their Families
  • Jeff Smith
  • (916) 371-7602
  • Email
Kreidler and Associates ALL
  • Lee Kreidler
  • 970-623-4759
  • email
DP Ag Services ALL, several categories
Ron Meyer ALL EXCEPT only 1 credit of Laws and Regulations
  • Ron Meyer
  • 719-349-1101
  • Email
CTN Continuing Education Course 2 credits Laws & Regs

1 credit Applicator Safety

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