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Technician Training

Who is a technician? A technician is a person whose job involves the use of pesticides, but who is not a certified operator or qualified supervisor.

The Colorado Department of Agriculture is very specific about the hours of training required for certain classes of pesticide application technicians. The CDA defines 3 classes of technician, with further subdivisions.

Follow the decision tree below to determine what type of technician training you need to provide; click on your choice for more information. Read the Definitions section before reviewing the tables below.

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For the following tables, refer to the definitions below.

  • Structural I: Includes the categories of Wood Destroying Organism Pest Control, Fumigation, and Residential/Commercial Pest Control
  • Structural II: Includes the categories of Outdoor Vertebrate Control, Stored Commodities Treatment, Wood Preservation and Treatment, and Interior Plant Pest Control
  • Classroom: Instructional training covering State, Federal, and local laws and regulations
    • Environmental precautions
    • Pesticide use
    • Equipment and calibration
    • Pesticides and their families
    • Pest management
    • Applicator safety
    • Pesticide labels and labeling
    • Host and pest identification
    • Public safety
  • Classroom Pest ID: Instructional training covering pest management and host and pest identificaion
  • On-the-Job: Training provided while the technician is performing their duties. Some of this training (the number in parentheses) must be provided by a licensed QS or CO who has at least 1 season of pesticide application experience within the last 2 years.
  • Discretionary: These hours may be divided between classroom instructional training and on-the-job training as needed.

Technician Categories

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