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Colorado Department of Agriculture: Pesticides Program

On this page, you’ll find

In addition, you can use the Department of Plant Industry Contact List to obtain more information from the CDA.

To file a pesticide drift or misuse complaint, contact

Or complete this form and mail to:

  • Matthew Lopez
    Pesticide Enforcement Division
    305 Interlocken Parkway
    Broomfield, CO 80021

If you are looking for a pesticide residue testing lab, check out the following resources:

Regulation and inspection

The Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA) Division of Plant Industry (DPI) Pesticides Program has the following responsibilies:

  • To regulate pesticide distribution and use in the state to prevent adverse effects on the individual and the environment.
  • To inspect the sales of restricted use pesticides (RUPs) and the use, storage and disposal of pesticides and certain devices for pesticide application.

Pesticides Registered in Colorado

The list of pesticides registered for use in Colorado changes regularly. You may want to know if pesticides you intend to use are Restricted Use Products (RUPs) to determine whether you need a certain type of pesticide applicator license (learn more about licensing here).

The following links will take you the sites that provide information about pesticide registration, where you can view and download the most recent registered pesticide list.

Licensing & Examination Guide

All people in Colorado who use pesticides are regulated by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. Learn more about certification from the following sources:

A summary of the procedures involved in certification can be found in the CDA’s “Licensing and Examination Guide”.

Fumigation Management Plans

Information on Fumigation Management Plans can be found at CDA’s website HERE

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