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Biomedical Agriculture

The Crops For Health® (CFH) program does not currently offer an advanced degree. However, we are in the process of proposing a new integrative approach to graduate education through the development of a unique interdisciplinary training program that is competency-based. This program will train students to be uniquely productive in the emerging area of Biomedical Agriculture.

Biomedical Agriculture: Biomedical Agriculture is a yet unrecognized field at the interface of agriculture and biomedical research. It is the interdisciplinary study of the processes relating to chronic disease development and the innovative solutions to biomedical problems only addressable with increased understanding of the human food supply and its improvement in a health context. The present dietary patterns of most Western cultures are leading to the development of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, & cancer. The application of nutritional principles and interventions to these problems is essential but this approach is lacking in its understanding and integration of where the food comes from and how it can be improved to further benefit health and prevent disease. Currently, there is a dearth of information regarding what characteristics of plant food sources are really beneficial to overall health and particular disease processes. This deficit in knowledge will be addressed by students of Biomedical Agriculture.

Thompson MD, Thompson HJ. (2009) Biomedical Agriculture: A systemic approach to food crop improvement for chronic disease prevention. Advances in Agronomy 102:1-54

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