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Since inception of the CSU Wheat Breeding Program in 1963, over 40 improved wheat varieties have been developed and released by our program. Over the years, CSU wheat variety releases have provided continuous improvements in grain yield and yield stability, disease and insect resistance, and end-use quality. Producers in Colorado continue to see advantages in growing CSU varieties, as demonstrated by the 2016 wheat variety survey (see links to surveys below) showing that nearly 70% of the Colorado wheat acreage is planted to CSU-developed wheat varieties.

Since 1994, all varieties from our program have been released through a unique partnership between CSU, the Colorado Seed Growers Association (CSGA), and the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation (CWRF). Under this agreement, ownership and marketing rights to the varieties are transferred to the CWRF who then works together with CSGA member growers to produce and distribute registered and certified seed. Since 2012, CWRF varieties are marketed under the PlainsGold Brand. A small royalty collected on the sale of certified seed of the varieties is returned to CSU to further wheat breeding and wheat-related research. Since inception of the program, over $5 million has been returned to CSU under the CWRF royalty program.

Click here for the 2020 PlainsGold Wheat Variety Guide!

Scott Haley and Byrd Curtis in seed production field of Byrd HRW (2012)
Scott Haley and Byrd Curtis in seed production field of Byrd HRW (2012)

Click on highlighted links below for information on CSU-developed hard red winter, hard white winter, and Clearfield wheat varieties. Some of these documents are PlainsGold promotional brochures and others are reprints of the publications in Crop Science or the Journal of Plant Registrations. More current information on these and other varieties is available at – and 

Hard Red Winter Wheat Varieties
Guardian (2019)
Fortify SF (2019)
Canvas (2018)
Whistler (2018)
Langin (2016)
Avery (2015)
Byrd (2011)
Denali (2011)
Cowboy (2011)
Bill Brown (2007)
Ripper (2006)
Hatcher (2004)
Ankor (2002)
Prowers 99 (1999)
Prairie Red (1998)
Prowers (1997)
Yumar (1997)

Akron (1994)
Halt (1994)
Jules (1993)
Yuma (1991)
Lamar (1988)
Carson (1986)
Hail (1982)
Sandy (1981)
Duke (1981)
Wings (1977)
Vona (1976)
Lindon (1975)
Baca (1973)

Click on highlighted links below for current and past Colorado wheat variety surveys.  

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