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The College of Agricultural Sciences engages its stakeholders by collaboratively identifying critical needs and co-creating knowledge to address key agricultural challenges. We actively engage in applying this knowledge and preparing our students to become successful global citizens.


Unquestioned global preeminence in Agri-tech and the Agribiome focusing on the safety, security and sustainability of food and resource systems contributing to our ongoing efforts to enhance the well-being of humans, plants and animals.


With ethics and citizenship as our foundation, and CSU’s Principles of Community as our guidepost, we uphold a set of values that drive our decisions and actions:

Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan can be viewed here.

Contact Numbers

Dean’s Office: (970) 491-6274
ABC: (970) 491-4952
AgHelp (IT) : (970) 491-2444
Development: (970) 491-0909

Office of the Dean

Dean's Office Hours

8:00a - 5:00p Monday thru Friday
(School Year)
7:30a - 4:30p Monday thru Friday (Summer)

Office of the Ag Experiment Station

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