Student Teams

The College of Ag is proud of our highly active and engaged teams. Our teams are at the top of their game and welcome new members to enhance their performance. 

Animal Welfare Judging Team

Are you Interested in Animal Welfare Science? We’re a CSU team dedicated to forming a community of undergraduate, graduate, and veterinary students interested in the science AND ethics related to animal welfare. 

To learn more, please contact Catie Cramer​: or Melissa Davis:

Dairy Judging Team

To learn more please contact Josh Docheff:

Food Distribution and Research Society Case Study Team

We are an intellectual competition team of undergraduate and graduate students. We prepare for competitions by learning about important food market trends and methods for analysis. At FDRS national meetings, our team is presented with a case study from a key industry player in the region where the meetings are held. We have one day to develop a strategic plan addressing a defined challenge. 

To learn more, please contact Dawn Thilmany:

Horse Judging Team

Since 1978 we have been one of the country’s most successful horse judging programs. The CSU team has won each of the major contests at least once. Just to brag a little…we’ve held titles at Morgan Nationals, Quarter Horse Congress, Arabian Nationals, Quarter Horse World Show, NRHA Futurity, and the National Western Stock Show. 

Be part of our success. Contact Tim Jedra:


Livestock Judging Team

In 1914 our team competed in our first National Western Stock Show, and we have been growing and evolving ever since. Our team members are an integral part of our long-lived heritage and go on to excel in the livestock industry. Many of our former team members are now industry leaders who attribute their success in part to their membership in the CSU Livestock Judging team. 

Become part of our growing history. Contact Clay Carlson:

Meat Animal Evaluation Team

We are one of CSU’s highly successful competition teams. We prepare our team members by coaching and encouraging each other to be the best we can be. We compete every year at the National Meat Animal Evaluation Contest in Oklahoma where we present our skills at animal evaluation. This contest is a great way to shine among the best in the business and we are always prepared to set the bar for livestock evaluators. 

Be your best with us. Contact Clay Carlson:

Meat Science Quiz Bowl Team

undergraduate team that compete at the Reciprocal Meat Conference hosted by American Meat Science Association each summer that tests the students knowledge of all aspects of meat science including food safety, meat processing and processes, meat science history and trending meat science topics.

Please contact Brenna Guimaraes at for more information about the team.

Intercollegiate Meat Judging Team

Meat judging critically evaluates carcasses and various market beef, swine, and lamb products to determine their value and to rank them accordingly. The CSU Team competes at a national level against other university teams and is known world-wide in the meat science discipline.

Please contact Brenna Guimaraes at for more information about the team.

Seedstock Merchandising Team

We are nurturing a 100 year tradition of CSU seedstock cattle. Our 4 committees; animal preparation, data management, written promotion, and event promotion, prepare our animals for the annual bull sale. We create an advertising and promotion scheme, outline a budget, and make specific design, layout, and production decisions for bi-annual newsletters, a regional advertising campaign, a sales catalog, website, and social media. 

To learn more, please contact Jason Ahola:

Soil Judging Team

We are an undergraduate team who competitively characterize soils in the field. Which is also an essential skill for any successful soil scientist, land manager, or agronomist. Our team members develop a deep understanding of soils and enhance their skills in soil-related fields. We compete at the National Collegiate Soil Judging Competition where our team gets to network with professionals in earth sciences and compete among students from 90 other universities.

To learn more please contact Susan Melzer:

Wool Judging Team

To learn more, please contact Michelle Crites: