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The CSU College of Agricultural Sciences is part of a global community working at the center of critically important issues facing our world today. Our aim is to prepare you to tackle complex challenges like climate change and ensure a healthy future for people and the planet.

Through scientific inquiry you will learn how plants, animals, soils and people work together to design and sustain our natural resources. We help you build relationships and community with fellow students, faculty and organizations to foster scientific progress. You will become the problem solvers who create positive change for our communities and our planet.

Join us. Come take a seat at our table and let’s get to work building an exceptional future together.

Our College Traditions

The College of Agricultural Sciences is fortunate to have long standing traditions as part of our students’ development while at Colorado State University. As we grow and evolve as an institution we welcome new traditions to mark our important moment in our history.

“A” is for Agriculture. Agricultural science is a foundational part of CSU and continues to influence our university’s culture today. The Aggie A is an enduring reminder of our college’s proud history and a guidepost for shaping the future of CSU. Explore how our traditions keep us united and build our CSU pride.

Aggie “A”

A tribute to CSU’s proud tradition as one of the nation’s finest land-grant institutions, the pumpkin and alfalfa colors and the Aggie “A” celebrate CSU’s rich agricultural heritage and impact not only on the state and region, but globally. The College of Agricultural Sciences and CSU Athletics have played a vital role in preserving and displaying this history and tradition through the Aggie “A” decal and “orange-out days” showcasing the early colors of the school.

When Colorado State opened its doors in 1870, eight years after President Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Act, the mission that was established then remains a focal point of the University today: to provide every man and woman who has earned the right to receive a college degree the opportunity to do so at an affordable price.

Aggies had been the nickname of the school, then known as Colorado A&M, until 1957, when the state legislature renamed it Colorado State University and the school adopted Rams as the nickname.

Aggie A

Paint the “A”

The role of the Aggie “A” at CSU dates back to 1923, when a group of students painted the rock formation on the foothills overlooking the city of Fort Collins. The formation spans 450 feet in length, and 210 feet across at the bottom, making it one of the largest displays of its kind in the nation.

The College of Agricultural Sciences spearheads this annual painting of the “A” – the second-longest tradition in school history. Our College feels it is important for every individual associated with CSU to recognize the importance of the land-grant mission. As alumni, students, employees, and supporters of CSU, we all carry the responsibility to uphold and enhance the proud tradition that is represented by the Aggie “A”.

Paint the A

CAM the Ram

Our Mascot

Paint the A

Ag Day

An event to celebrate and promote Colorado agriculture before a home CSU football game each fall. As longstanding tradition for many, this event offers an opportunity to enjoy delicious food, interact with alumni, friends, and students, and also explore and learn about various areas of agriculture.

Ag Day

Ram Welcome

At the start of each fall semester, Colorado State University welcomes freshmen and transfer students to campus with a orientation called Ram Welcome, with a day devoted to special activities in students’ academic college. The program helps new students connect to our academic community — a key to college success. They interact with faculty members, learn about college programs, meet new friends and take part in team-building. The College’s Ram Welcome is capped with formation of a human “A” for agriculture, Aggies, academics, and our Ag family.

students at orientation

Student Engagement

Engagement and involvement has long been an area of pride and focus in the College of Agricultural Sciences through the many student clubs, organizations, teams, and hands-on learning opportunities our College affords our many students. We realize the lessons and skills learned outside the classroom and laboratories are critically important in preparing a well-rounded contributor to society upon graduation. Visit our Student Organizations website to see the numerous opportunities our students have today.

Student Engagement

Student Leadership

While preparing and educating our students to be adaptable enough to assume roles in careers and industries which don’t currently exist, one underlying skill critical to success is leadership. There are countless ways which students in the College of Agricultural Sciences are developing, honing, and displaying their extraordinary leadership capabilities. A few of the signatures leadership programs in the College include the Agricultural Ambassadors, which help to promote agriculture across the CSU campus and the state of Colorado and also assist in recruitment and alumni efforts of our College, the Equine Stewards, and the Stewards of Animal Science. Beyond these leadership groups are many leadership positions our students assume in College and University clubs and organizations and community efforts. The College of Agricultural Sciences is proud of our numerous alumni who are exceptional leaders and advocates throughout the world in agriculture and other industries.

Student Engagement

Scholarship Opportunities

CSU A – Z Scholarship Listing (Click on “Show Filters” and select College of Agricultural Sciences or other desired filters.)

Apply for Scholarship

The CSUSA for the 2022-2023 academic year is available on RAMweb October 1, 2021 through March 1, 2022. You must have a student eID to access the application. More information.

Scholarships Outside our College

Many of our industry partners offer scholarship programs. Scholarship opportunities outside CSU and College of Agricultural Sciences.

Thank You Letter

We are fortunate to have many donors who contribute to student scholarships. It is important to thank those who make scholarships possible. 

Finances and Scholarships

We are proud to award more than $1 million annually in scholarships to our AgSci students. Over 445 of our students enjoy scholarship financial support made possible by our generous donors who understand the value of investing in you as a critical part of sustaining agriculture and our collective future.

Current and future students are eligible to apply for scholarships by completing the CSU Scholarship Application. Opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students are available. Your single application via the CSUSA allows you to apply for every scholarship you qualify for. Our faculty selection committee pairs your application with all available scholarships. 

When submitting your CSUSA, be sure to complete all sections including the general section and all recommended opportunities. This will ensure you qualify for as many opportunities as you can. 


Important requirement: submit the CSUSA application every year even if your scholarship is renewable. 

Check CSUSA frequently asked questions for detailed information on the application process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it like to live in Fort Collins?

Located in northern Colorado, Fort Collins is nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains and offers exciting recreational opportunities, unique cultural offerings, and is a regional center for employment and shopping. Throughout the year, live music and entertainment, as well as great local dining, can be found throughout the historic downtown area. Fort Collins offers the convenience of a small town with all the amenities of a larger city.  For more information about Fort Collins, please visit the City of Fort Collins Website. 

What should I do if I’m interested in transferring to Colorado State University?

Visit CSU’s website for transfer students to find out everything you need to know about transferring to Colorado State University.

Where will I live and eat while I’m a student at CSU?

Colorado State University has numerous housing and dining options for students. You can learn more by visiting the housing services website. Additional information about living off-campus can be found at the Off Campus Student Services website.

How do I become a Ram fan?

Colorado State University is a member of the Mountain West Athletic Conference and competes in 16 intercollegiate sports. Visit the CSU Department of Athletics to learn more. GO RAMS!

What you need to know about our computing environment?

For information on general computing and information technology needs in the College and at the University visit our about page.

Want additional information?

For additional information on Colorado State University and to explore our academic programs visit out parents and families site.

How can I pay for college?

Often one of the big challenges for students and parents is planning a way to pay for college. Student Financial Services at Colorado State University offers a variety of financial aid and scholarship resources for students and their parents.

What are student financial services?

The Student Financial Services website includes information on the cost of attending CSU; a budget calculator; an overview of scholarships, grants and loans; student employment opportunities, work study; and more.

Where can I apply and find scholarships?

By completing the CSU Scholarship Application, you are applying for all scholarships in the College of Agricultural Sciences at the same time. An alphabetical list of all College of Agricultural Sciences scholarships is available to review. Thanks to the generosity of many alumni and friends, the College of Agricultural Sciences awards more than 325 scholarships totaling over $680,000 annually. These scholarships recognize outstanding academic achievement, and leadership, as well as provide crucial financial support to our students. Scholarships range in value from five hundred to several thousand dollars.

What is the college opportunity fund?

The College Opportunity Fund provides state-tax dollars to colleges and universities on behalf of eligible undergraduate students. The Fund was created by an Act of the Colorado State Legislature in May 2004 to heighten aCOFsmallawareness that state tax dollars are used to offset the costs of undergraduate education.

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