Our land-grant mission is at the core of our history and our research since CSU’s founding. Our centers highlight Colorado’s agricultural contributions to the economy, communities, and natural resources. We focus our research on optimizing food system productivity in climates and landscapes with limited water resources. By connecting to and supporting our agricultural communities with outreach programs we enhance information sharing and technology development across the state.

Learn how our research centers connect our students to Colorado’s agricultural industry professionals and the latest research in agricultural science.

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Research Center

Agricultural Research, Development and Education Center

ARDEC is an off-campus farm, working livestock facility and horticulture field research center located just 4 miles north of Fort Collins. The Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station oversees the ARDEC’s 1,065-acre operation including acreage dedicated to ARDEC-South, the Horticulture Field Research Center and the livestock facility.

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Research Center

Arkansas Valley Research Center

The Arkansas Valley Research Center is our oldest running center, founded in 1888. Our work serves the southeast irrigated farming area associated with the Arkansas river and its tributaries. Our research focuses on optimizing livestock and agriculturally important crop production. We also collaborate with the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences in our on-site Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory.

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Research Center

Eastern Colorado Research Center

The Eastern Colorado Research Center is a 3760-acre livestock and rangeland research operation centered between Akron and Sterling, CO. We work on over 35 native and seeded rangeland pastures with a 22-feedlot pen capacity. The Center also has bunk space, enclosed working areas, chutes, and scales for working and weighing livestock.

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Research Center

Plainsman Research Center

The Plainsman Research Center is in Colorado’s historic dust bowl region in the far southeastern plains. Our primary work stems from those bygone days, finding strategies to optimize crop yields with limited water resources. Our primary crops of interest include wheat, grain sorghum, forage sorghum, corn, sunflower, bean, and canola. And we are always testing alternative crop plants for new applications.

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Research Center

Plant Growth Facilities

The PGF is a multidisciplinary Institutional Core Research Facility overseen by the Agricultural Experiment Station. Our operational research footprint is over 60,000 square feet including greenhouses, growth chambers and biocontainment facilities. The PGF community of over 600 faculty students and staff work on a wide variety of plant material. Our conservatory houses our tropical and desert plant collections used for hands-on education in our Biology, Botany, and Horticulture labs.

San Luis Valley Research Center

Research Center

San Luis Valley Research Center

The SLVRC is one of the oldest centers in our Ag history. Established in 1888, the primary research focus migrated toward selecting and optimizing potato varieties certifying seeds for Colorado growers. The potato breeding program later began in tandem with the potato variety selection program. The SLVRC catalogued historical cultural practices used for disease and pest management to enhance modern techniques.

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Research Center

Southwestern Colorado Research Center

The Southwest Colorado Research Center is a 155-acre, high-elevation research station in southwest Colorado. Our research investigates dryland and irrigation techniques and the beneficial effects on crop and soil health. We are actively engaged with regional community development and promote food systems and natural resource projects in the area. We also partner with CSU Extension on a research and demonstration orchard with over 75 fruit tree varieties.

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Research Center

Western Colorado Research Center

The Western Colorado Research Center comprises three research stations in Mesa County on Colorado’s Western Slope. WCRC facilities include greenhouses, laboratory space, and certified organic acreage. Our research focuses on high-elevation tree fruit and wine grape production, ornamental horticulture, organic agriculture, seed production and water conservation.