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College of Agricultural Sciences Strategic Plan 2018 – 2025

The College of Agricultural Sciences (CAS) at Colorado State University (CSU) is well positioned to meet global challenges of a growing population that seeks food safety, food security and wellness through the sustainable use of natural resources. Our success requires a careful and comprehensive planning process that is aligned with the priorities of Colorado State University and the collective aspirations of staff, students and faculty in the College of Agricultural Sciences.

This strategic planning document is the culmination of engaged conversations with our internal and external stakeholders. It outlines the strategic direction and priorities for CAS over the next ten years. Our strategic direction is reflected in the vision and mission statements set forth in this document. These statements, in turn, are the primary consideration on which our goals and objectives are based.


Strategic Plan here

Strategic Plan for Diversity here


Unquestioned global preeminence in Agri-tech and the Agribiome focusing on the safety, security and sustainability of food and resource systems contributing to our ongoing efforts to enhance the well-being of humans, plants and animals.


The College of Agricultural Sciences engages its stakeholders by collaboratively identifying critical needs and co-creating knowledge to address key agricultural challenges. We actively engage in applying this knowledge and preparing our students to become successful global citizens.

Strategic Plan

College of Agricultural Sciences

The College will achieve its vision of unquestioned global preeminence through a focus on two overarching strategic goals – Student Success and Research & Engagement Excellence. These overarching goals are supported by: sustainable financial resources, operational efficiencies, and a culture of inclusive excellence.

This strategic plan contains a series of goals, objectives, and strategies to serve as indicators for achieving the vision and fulfilling the mission of the College of Agricultural Sciences. We will achieve our goals of student success and Research and Engagement Excellence by implementing strategies that promote a strong financial resource base, efficient operational execution, and a culture of inclusive excellence.

Our Values

Student Development

First and foremost, our institution exists to develop students so they might become successful individuals and leading citizens in their communities and society.


We are a community of scholars and professionals. We will not compromise on our commitment to excellence and intellectual rigor.


We are accountable for our actions and will act ethically and honestly in all of our interactions and decisions.


We challenge ourselves to generate knowledge in novel ways to address the pressing needs of society. We apply these novel approaches with wisdom and integrity for the betterment of society.


We create and nurture a diverse and inclusive environment by welcoming, valuing and respecting all members of our community, including their various identities, skills, ideas, talents, and contributions.

Fiscal Responsibility

As a public institution, we have a primary responsibility to use our fiscal resources wisely with transparency and accountability.

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