Upskilling Agriculture

"Leveling up the future of Ag"

What is Upskilling?

For employers this could mean adding additional specialized and technical skills to your workforce. Empowering employees to expand and advance in their careers.

Think of upskilling as a new onramp for building your professional career without needing a college degree. If you are new to the agricultural industry, this could mean building your resume to be more competitive for jobs. You can do this at your pace, from home, in bite sized chunks.

If you have been in agriculture for your entire career, upskilling is an opportunity to redirect, specialize, and update your established skills. It helps you stay competitive as technology advances.


Is Upskilling For You?

Section for more touchy-feely values

  • Are you committed to community resiliency?
  • Are you passionate about addressing climate change?
  • Do you want to be a change-maker in regenerative agriculture? 
  • Precision agriculture and Soil Health
  • Community based meat processing
  • Food safety

Our programs are engineered to meet you where you are and help you build competitive skills so you are prepared to meet the needs of a growing and technical agricultural workforce. In your area of interest

We have a number of programs so you can find the right fit.

What is Upskilling?

Give a description of what Upskilling is. 

Talk about how the courses are geared toward strategic plan

Talk about how these are geared toward building professional skillsets for the next generation of agriculturists, and/or climate change.

[about 1-2 paragraphs] [100 words or less per paragraph]

High School Training

CHS (links to individual page describing the program?)
SyncUP (links to individual page describing the program?)

College Students

USDA-HEC (links here too?)
STEP (Links here too?)

Working Professionals

USDA-HEC (links?)
STEP (links?)
5 Rivers

Who Does Upskilling in Ag?

Talk about who the 10k students are and how you get involved in an upskilling/microcredentialling course. Talk about how they translate to resume builders and getting good jobs.

Talk about who teaches, and the authority CAS has in teaching ag-related courses.


High School Students

College Students


Committed to Addressing Climate Change

We ask ourselves how to prepare now to address the climate challenges of the future.

[maybe one or two more sentences]

[add an image that doesn’t have any text in it that visually describes climate change]

Mindful and Strategic

Talk about the strategic plan here. Reference AgSci’s committment to upskilling as a critical component of how we learn for the next generation….or something like that.

Sample of Micro-Credentials


Intro to Irrigation Water Management

Quick 20 word description

crop water use

Crop Water Use

Quick 20 word description


Irrigation Scheduling by Water Balance

Quick 20 word description


Soil as a Reservoir

Quick 20 word description

WISE Irrigation App

Quick 20 word description

Irrigation Water Management

Quick 20 word description

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