Samantha “Sam” Holtshouser

Career Education Manager

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In Sam’s free time she likes to learn new mediums of creating. This passion for creativity and working with her hands fosters her desire to meet new folks who are excited to share the things they love. She has a passion for gardening, thrifting, fixing things, ceramics, tufting, fiber arts, sewing, and more. Growing up in Alaska feeds her spirit for the outdoors, nature, and sustainably living in harmony with the land. Family and community are also central to who Sam is, she loves to be actively engaged in the community we live in with her partner Seth and their two dogs Kermit and Gonzo.

Sam Holtshouser (she/her/hers) supports students in exploring, navigating and gaining experiences to foster equitable success in students’ next steps after graduation. Sam supports students in gaining skills in application processes, building relationships in fields of interest, or gaining meaningful career experiences in the dynamic fields of Agriculture. Sam is an advocate for closing the equity gaps in support of equitable career success in the Agriculture Industry. Sam holds a Master of Science in College Student Personnel Administration and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Management. Sam Holtshouser has worked in Higher Education supporting student Career Education and Development for 10 years and finds the greatest joy in her work when she is able to connect and “geek-out” with students about their interests, and values, while celebrating their unique identities.


Top Conversation Starters

  1. How do you do that!? Have you seen this youtube video on how to make…?
  2. Do you want to get a cup of coffee/tea? Or go for a walk?
  3. Tell me more about why you choose the College of Ag Sciences? What gets you excited about Ag?

Skills on a Scale From Zero to Awesome

  • Parallel Parking Skills 100% 100%
  • Finding a fun new board game to play for any audience/skill level 70% 70%
  • Being able to walk by any dog (or most animals) resisting the overwhelming desire to meet them & become BFF 20% 20%
  • Finding out a way to make that thing 80% 80%