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Animal Agriculture Engagement

CSU plays a critical role in leading and convening conversations around important topics for the animal agriculture industry in Colorado, and beyond.

Convening Conversations

2022 On-Campus Meetings  

  • International Livestock Forum
  • Meyer Natural Foods Beef 101
  • Leachman Genetics Beef Industry Meeting
  • JBS Meet Your Career in the Meat Industry Night
  • Five Rivers Educational Program
  • JBS Beef University and Pork University
  • Zoetis Beef Industry Program
  • Leachman Genetics Beef Cattle Program
  • SavMart Foods Fabrication Demonstration & Meat Department Training
  • CAB And U.S. Foods
  • Albertson’s Meat and Seafood Summit
  • Miniat/Chipotle Program
  • Mountain Meat Summit

2022 Off-Campus Meetings  

  • Meat Industry Field Day
    • Hayden, CO
  • Southwest Colorado Meat Industry Stakeholder Listening Session
    • Mancos, CO
  • Pasture to Profit Program
    • Burlington, CO
  • Five Rivers Educational Program In-Field Workshop
    • La Salle, CO
  • Meat Industry Short-Course
    • Durango, CO

Training and Industry Education

On-campus Short Courses

With Certified Angus Beef, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service Cattle and Carcass Grading Correlation Program, JBS, Albertson’s and Chipotle.

Engaging Our State Webinar

A series exploring and building collaborative relationships to develop solutions and exploring opportunities for our state’s livestock, meat and animal industries. Watch Engaging Our State Webinars

Ranching Enterprise Outreach 

Total Ranch Analysis for Colorado

A statewide beef cattle research and outreach initiative that provides producers with assistance in defining, evaluating, and utilizing key production and financial performance indicators to make more informed management decisions.

Ranching Legacy Program

A partnership program with CCA that provides innovative educational opportunities through a series of online professional development courses and in-person lectureship.

Pet Food Alliance

Led by CSU, and sponsored by the Fats and Protein Research Foundation, the Alliance for Research and Innovation in the Rendering and Pet Food Industries brings together members of the pet food and rendering industries together to collaboratively develop implementable solutions for industry challenges and identify opportunities for innovation, growth, and mutual success.

2022 Meetings

  • April 30th-May 1st: Pet Food Alliance Technical Meeting (Kansas City, MO)
  • October 13th-14th: Pet Food Alliance Product Quality Meeting (Tyson Headquarters; Springdale, AR)
  • November 14th-15th: Pet Food Alliance Product Safety Meeting