rooftop greenhouses

Climate Resiliency Center

Advancing basic and applied research to build resilient ecosystems for the future requires integration of scientific disciplines and state-of-the-art teaching and research facilities, coupled with space to foster innovation and inspiration.

The College of Agricultural Sciences and Agricultural Experiment Station are leading an ambitious vision to create a unique Climate Resilience Center that will bring together scientists and engineers across diverse disciplines and public and private institutions to develop climate resilient ecosystems and train the next generation of researchers.

Proposed Details

A campus working group has been established to develop a whitepaper for Interim President Miranda that details CSU strengths and resources, funding strategies and a proposed cluster hire to expand climate change research in agriculture.

Climate Research Building

A four-story, 115,000 ft2 LEED Gold-certified structure that will house scientists focused on finding solutions to plant, soil and ecosystem related consequences of climate change and training the next generation of climate researchers,

Plant Growth Facility

A 56,000 ft2 roof-top facility that will allow researchers to holistically evaluate the effects of climate change on simulated agricultural and forest systems across a range of structural complexity.

Data Visualization and Simulation Room

For collaborative development, testing, and use of scalable models that simulate diverse ecosystems and drive systems biology modeling for development of predictive tools.

Innovation Gym

For students, faculty, and industry partners to take risks, explore, dream, pursue innovative research and challenge-based, experiential learning.


Coupled with atmospheric chambers will allow exploration of the effects of environmental manipulation on plant growth and development, above and below ground.

Roof-top Agrivoltaics

Systems to study adaptation of photovoltaics for urban agricultural production.