Man holding soil in hand.

Soil Carbon Solutions Center

CSU’s Soil Carbon Solutions Center was formed in 2021 to support breakthrough research and development of new technologies for promoting soil carbon sequestration and improving overall soil health in agricultural systems.  

SCSC leverages world-class expertise across the university to build the tools needed to accelerate the deployment of credible soil-based climate solutions, measure their impact, and bring them to scale. 

Achievements In Our First Year

Some near-term studies the SCSC is undertaking include regional analysis of soil-based climate mitigation potential, carbon markets and business strategy, informing public policy analysis, risks and barriers to adoption, education and extension to technical service providers.   

Growing Our Team

Growth of SCSC team, expanding diversity across multiple dimensions.


Implementation of a collaborative governance structure.

Cultivating Relationships

Cultivating relationships with industry stakeholders and philanthropic donors to support center activities.

Critical Conversations

Convening and participating in critical conversations to address climate change and improve sustainability in agricultural systems.

Research Funding

Submitting research proposals totaling > $27 million, with $8 million in research funding so far.