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Solutions to Colorado Commodity Challenges

With generous funding from strategic partner Nutrien and matching support from our commodity stakeholders, the college is catalyzing novel research programs that address challenges common across Colorado agriculture in the areas of climate resiliency, agricultural labor and agrivoltaics.

SCCC Funds are Intended to:

  • Increase the competitiveness of researchers in extramural grant programs
  • Enhance and encourage creative and innovative research needed to prepare competitive extramural proposals
  • Encourage partnerships with industry and other stakeholders
  • Encourage the development of interdisciplinary teams

Recently Funded Projects

Assessing Agrivoltaics

From the perspectives of Western Colorado fruit orchard growers.

Addressing the Threats of Climate Change

In Eastern Colorado with early-planting management strategies for sorghum.

Developing Transformation Protocols

For rapid genetic improvement of industrial hemp through genome editing and match from Office of Vice President for Research.

Monitoring Airborne Potato Pathogens

For targeted pesticide usage in the San Luis Valley with a match from Colorado Potato.


Image Classification and Analysis

For real-time precision weed management and funded completely by Colorado Corn.