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Major in Horticulture

On-campus and Online Options

Apply scientific principles in the growing, marketing, processing and utilizing of fruits, vegetables, flower and foliage plants, trees, shrubs and turf grasses.

Horticulture is both a production and service industry and meeting the nutritional needs of the world population is a growing need. As a Horticulture major, get hands-on experience working in our state-of-the-art labs and growing facilities.

Students in the program are either required or encouraged to have student internships or apprenticeships. Many students are engaged in independent studies with faculty in lab and field research, and work study/hourly jobs in the field or greenhouse.

There are slight differences between the on-campus and online degree programs. Be sure to learn about the details for both options to help you decide what works best for you. 

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One Major, Four Concentrations

Controlled Environment Horticulture Concentration

Controlled environment agriculture, CEA, is a technology-based approach to crop production that focuses on optimizing an environment within a protected structure to facilitate desired plant growth and development. In this concentration, students will study and gain hands-on experience with the management of controlled environment systems for the production and improvement of both floriculture and food crops.

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Horticultural Business Management Concentration

The horticultural business management concentration provides the opportunity to gain the broadest horticultural background available within the department, and at the same time, participate in key business courses in the College of Business. Students may expand their specific horticultural interests or take an array of horticulture courses which can lead to more job opportunities in the future.

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This concentration is also offered online. Visit CSU Online to learn about the program.

Horticultural Science Concentration

Horticultural scientists conduct research to discover new information about plant growth, development, and environmental response. Applied knowledge from such studies leads to new plant varieties and production methods. Undergraduates in this concentration receive a solid foundation in the basic sciences and agricultural sciences leading to technical and scientific careers in laboratory, greenhouse, or field research.

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Horticultural Food Crops Concentration

Students in the horticultural food crops concentration focus their studies on systems related to production of fruits and vegetables. Specific areas include fruit production, vegetable production, irrigation practices, soil fertility, propagation, breeding, and related plant pest management courses.

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  • Technical competence that includes understanding plant growth and development as influenced by the manipulations of horticulture technologies such as greenhouse management, fertility management, integrated pest management, etc.
  • Management and leadership skills that will allow them to become an entry-level supervisor in a specific business or research program.
  • Problem solving skills such as identifying the significance of a problem, researching realistic solutions using current literature, and organizing the materials to develop appropriate recommendations and actions.

Where You’ll Find Us

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CSU Horticulture Center

A center for teaching, research and extension for horticulture and landscape programs.

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Nutrien Agricultural Sciences Building

CSU's new home for Colorado agriculture, student aspirations and agricultural innovation for global impact.

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Annual Flower Garden Trials

One of the top tourist attractions in Fort Collins. Explore more than 1,000 varieties at this campus flower garden.

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