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Soil and Crop Sciences – Soil Science and Environmental Solutions

Do You Want to Develop the Science, Practices, and Technology to Feed the World While Minimizing the Environmental Impact of Agriculture? 

The Soil Science and Environmental Solutions concentration explores the interdisciplinary nature of soils through the study of soil organisms and their interactions with each other and the soil’s physical and chemical environment. Soils are the most complex and diverse habitats for life on earth. Soil health is critical to human well-being. These interactions affect the cycling of elements including carbon and nitrogen, the release, or consumption, of greenhouse gases, water quality, soil formation and structure, and plant productivity.

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  • Skills and knowledge to solve problems in precision agriculture and biotechnology
  • How to utilize advanced information technology to drive decision making in crop production, soil and environmental management, and to develop new technologies
  • Gain a deep understanding of the diversity of agriculture around the world, and graduate with the knowledge and skills to address global food production challenges
  • Understand new technologies that enable unprecedented abilities to develop varieties of crops that are more nutritious, resilient to climate change and disease resistant to enable sustainable agriculture
  • Functions of soil organisms and their interactions with each other and the soil physical and chemical environment
  • Techniques to help restore our soils and prevent further degradation

Where You’ll Find Us


Agricultural Research and Development Center

Work directly with crops and livestock at this research and teaching complex — one of ten around the state.

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Nutrien Agricultural Sciences Building

CSU's new home for Colorado agriculture, student aspirations and agricultural innovation for global impact.

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  • Soil and Crop Management
  • Technology
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  • Agricultural Data Management Firms
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  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environmental or Crop Consulting
  • Government Agencies and Non-Profits Organizations
  • Natural Resource Agencies
  • State and Federal Health and Environmental Agencies
  • State and National Park Services 
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Department Advisor

Chris Amerman

For more information, contact Chris Amerman, Undergraduate Advisor for the Soil and Crop Sciences department.