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Colorado Seed Programs

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Most of plant agriculture starts with a seed.  A primary function of Colorado Seed Programs is to promote the interests of agriculture in the State of Colorado through the general use of high quality, vigorous, pure seed of the best varieties.

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Four Important Functions

Our seed programs include four distinct and important functions to sustain and enhance optimized seeds.

Seed Certification 

Via the Colorado Seed Growers Association. Third party verification of plant breeding pedigree and varietal purity.

Agronomy Foundation Seed

Taking the highest performing wheat seed varieties developed by the CSU College of Agricultural Sciences and making those available to the grower.

The Colorado Seed Lab

Anationally accredited lab housed within the Soil and Crop Sciences Department, providing accurate seed quality analysis services so that the seed industry can label and truthfully represent the quality of seed sold.

Education and Outreach

Providing online and Extension Education in Seed Science and Technology (STEP) and general seed quality production and handling information.


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Innovative sustainability practices are integrated at every step of the seed production and operations process – allowing seed companies and their farmer customers to realize long-term economic, social and environmental goals.

Conservation and Restoration

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The seed industry plays an important role in providing quality seed for land restoration. Environmental & conservation seed helps restore land devastated by natural disasters including wildfires.


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Better seed allows formers to grow more, using less land and fewer resources; and in turn, provides consumers with access to a wider variety of safe, affordable, and nutritious food.


Director of Colorado Seed Programs
Laura Pottorff

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