Agroecosystems Research

Local Studies for Global Scale

We integrate our local studies for global scale. We always incorporate global climate change and carbon cycling as part of our work. We emphasize processes and mechanisms controlling the interaction of soils, plants, nutrients, and climate. Our faculty and students are combining field studies, with our analytical laboratories, computer simulation modeling, and novel technology innovations to inform our most pressing research questions.

Agroecosystems Management

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Graduate Research Opportunities

Our graduate students work on various projects related to agroecosystems management. We prioritize a systems approach to incorporate ecosystem interactions with soil and crop management. We have graduate research programs in all the major Colorado ecosystems including:

  • Prairie and mountain environments
  • Dry-land and irrigated agroecosystems in semi-arid plains
  • Rangelands
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Agroecosystem Emphasis Areas

Major research emphases are

  • Precision crop and nutrient management
  • Management systems improving crop water use efficiency
  • Soil carbon and nutrient dynamics in cropping systems
  • Beneficial use of manures, biosolids, and other wastes
  • Crop variety development
  • Forage management
  • Biofuel development and alternative crops

Agroecosystems Faculty

Take a moment to browse our faculty based on their research interests and current projects.

Agroecosystems Graduate Programs

Specialization in Agroecosystems Ecology

This degree is a M.S. in Soil and Crop Science with an emphasis on agroecosystems management.

We have specific application requirements for our graduate programs. We only accept students who have already found a faculty advisor. Take a moment to browse our graduate program application requirements.

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