Agronomy Club

CSU Sciences Agronomy Club

Department of Soil and Crop Sciences
College of Agricultural Sciences, CSU

Bi-weekly Meetings

Starting August 30, 5:30pm
Nutrien 166

  • Aug 30 – Welcome back!
  • Sept 13 – CSU Trial Flower Garden
  • Oct 4 – Larimer County extension office
  • Oct 18 – Servi Tech
  • Nov 1 – STAR Program
  • Nov 15 – Plant arrangement Fundraiser
  • Nov 29 – End of semester celebration, potluck

Activities for Fall Semester 2022

Fundraiser Links and Info

  • Plant arrangement: Join us Tuesday, Nov. 15 from 5:30-7:30pm in Nutrien 166 to make your own plant arrangement or choose your pot and plants and we’ll build it for you!
  • We will drop it off by November 18. RSVP by Nov 11 for the Plant Arrangement Fundraiser
  • Pumping Up the Agronomy Club: Pick out your pumpkin October 17-21 from 11-1pm on the LSC plaza! First come, first serve. Purchase by October 7th!

Fall Fellowship

October 8, 1-5pm Morgan Library parking lot (southwest corner)
Interested? RSVP by Oct. 4th!

Tri Societies

November 6-9 Baltimore, MD

Meet Our Leadership Members

Laura Pottorff

Laura Pickett Pottorff


Laura is the Director of Colorado Seed Programs, providing leadership and oversight of the Managers of Seed Certification, Agronomy Foundation Seed, and the Colorado Seed Lab.




Hi! My name is Mireya, and I am a Soil and Crop Science major here at CSU, and am the current Vice President for Agronomy Club. I love house plants, field work, and anything that will get me out of the house!

Brit Meis

Brit Meis


Brittani’s passion for agriculture started when she and her father started a garden when Brittani was twelve. Her dream started when she and her father started a garden and she noticed the changing climate. Around that same time, she was introduced to photosynthesis–she thought, couldn’t agriculture help mitigate these changes? As she has learned from her studies, it is much more complicated.
Brittani enrolled at Colorado State University with a major in soil and crop sciences, minors in chemistry and global environmental sustainability, and a concentration in international soils for Fall 2020. Since then, she has gotten more involved in the College of Agricultural Sciences, joining Ag Ambassadors and the Agronomy Club.
Throughout her career, Brittani plans to study carbon cycling and modeling, and how to then promote developing economies.
She will graduate with her BS in Spring 2024 and MS (undeclared) at Colorado State University in Fall 2025. She looks forward to expanding her knowledge and sharing it with others.

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