CAM’s Ag Academy


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Agricultural Education at Spur

CAM’s Agricultural Academy is committed to the engagement of all students to improve relationships in agriculture and strengthen agriculture affinity, literacy, motivation and critical thinking.

Through the Morgridge Learning Lab in CSU Spur’s Terra building, CAM’s Ag Academy immerses middle-school and high-school students in complex problems and potential solutions in food and agriculture.


Engagement at CSU Spur focuses on real-world problems in agriculture through –

  • Deep dive exploration
  • Problem-based learning
  • Connection with industry professionals




CAM’s Ag Academy aims to positively contribute to –

  • Student affinity towards agriculture and agriculture occupational objectives
  • Student increase in agricultural literacy
  • Better and more practice future agriculture teachers
  • Improved connections to industry, agricultural education and the College of Agricultural Sciences
  • Improved leadership in and around agriculture

What We Offer

Every school-aged student in Colorado – and beyond – should have a significant agriculture experience.


Youth and ag experiences


Core competencies
Ag career pathways


Problem-based experiential learning

Morgridge Family Foundation Gifts $3M to CSU Spur and College of Agricultural Sciences

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The Morgridge Family Foundation believes in innovation and investing in the future of agriculture. The new Morgridge Learning Lab will elevate pathways for youth, urban-rural connectivity, and sustainable community food systems.

Contact Us

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Kellie Enns

Program Lead, CAM’s Ag Academy
(970) 491-0678