Urban Agriculture

At CSU Spur, green roof systems and an expansive greenhouse atop the Terra building show how urban spaces can be used for plant and food production.The green roof serves as a research and demonstration facility to build on previous CSU research to investigate water use, food production, agrivoltaics, plant-pollinator interactions, seeding, and other emergent industry questions.

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Why Spur?

Because of the City of Denver’s Green Building Ordinance, which specifically identifies the use of green roofs as an environmental solution, the location of CSU Spur is ideal for green roof research, outreach and innovation.

Very little research worldwide has been evaluated in semiarid regions like the Mountain West and the impact of research at Spur will be far reaching.


North American Green Roof Industry

Green Roofs for Healthy Cities

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Jennifer Bousselot

Jennifer Bousselot

Program Lead, Green Roof Research

Spurring Discovery In Food And Agriculture

The CSU Spur Campus at Denver’s National Western Center brings together research, teaching and engagement activities in a modern-day approach to the university’s land-grant mission. The public-facing campus celebrates the proud tradition of Colorado agriculture while inspiring innovation with global impact.

At CSU Spur, the College of Agricultural Sciences and Agricultural Experiment Station collaborate with diverse partners to provide a community-centric, experiential and lifelong learning opportunity focusing on the safety, security and sustainability of food and natural resources to enhance the well-being of humans, plants and animals.