Our Vision

Revolutionizing how we nurture people and our planet.

Our Purpose

Together, we promise future generations a vibrant agriculture, a healthy environment, and thriving communities.

Our Values

Actions manifest our essence. With CSU’s Principles of Community as a guide, we serve with intention, optimism, empathy, rigor, creativity, and excellence.

Our Mission

We excel in our 21st century land-grant mission by integrating intentional discovery, inclusive learning, and collaborative engagement.

Intentional Discovery

Agriculture is a fulcrum for discovery of principles and practice

We draw on diverse scientific disciplines and perspectives to solve real-world problems of agriculture, the environment and community well-being. We practice innovation by spanning boundaries, challenging convention, and viewing obstacles as opportunities. We achieve lasting impact through collaboration and mentoring the next generation of industry leaders and scientists.

Inclusive Learning

Lived experience is the best teacher

We empower learners and citizens to serve and succeed. Our curriculum is deeply connected to our scientific discovery and active stakeholder engagement. We challenge our students to grow, while surrounding them with support. We prioritize hands-on learning to catalyze student motivation, while building confidence and competency in critical thinking and communication.

Collaborative Engagement

 Engaged scholarship is a promise and a way of being

We learn from and actively engage diverse stakeholders across a continuum of shared experience that spans conversation to co-creation. We apply science with collective wisdom for the betterment of society, ask important questions, and welcome all voices.