Submit a Sample

Preparation depends on the type of specimen you are submitting. Be sure to review and follow the instructions for your sample.


Arthropod Identification Fee

We now charge a $15 fee for arthropod identification. This fee applies to both physical and digital image samples.

Do You Have Multiple Samples?

If you want to submit multiple samples in one mailing, we need a completed submission form for each sample.

Step 1: Prepare Your Sample

It’s important to include all the necessary elements we need to diagnose your sample. Please follow the instructions in the Sample Preparation Instruction PDF. Feel free to download and save it for future reference.

Step 2: Download and Complete Your Sample Submission Form

If you need us to identify an agricultural insect, please select the Arthropod form. Otherwise, you just need to fill out the general sample submission form.

Step 3: Deliver Your Sample

Temporary Address for Mail and Walk-in Delivery
T-316 Terra Building
CSU Spur Campus
4780 National Western Drive
Denver, CO 80216

If you need help with directions to our new address in Denver, visit the CSU SPUR website.

Step 4: Get Your Results

  • We will mail you a full report of our analysis once your sample diagnostics are complete.
  • You will receive an invoice in the mail for our services.
  • Please remit payment upon receipt.

Thank You

Do You Have More Questions?

If you have questions regarding plant disease or agricultural arthropod identification please get in touch.
Please Note: We are unable to accept or identify any samples from body fluids or tissue.