Master’s in Agribusiness and Food Innovation Management

The Agribusiness and Food Innovation Management program at CSU’s Spur campus in Denver offers students a master’s degree or certificate in innovation and entrepreneurship, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to launch new businesses, new products, and new technologies.

The program also offers companies or research scientists an opportunity to engage a team of graduate students to explore the commercial potential and develop a business model for bringing an innovative idea or technology to life. We thrive by bringing innovators together.

Opportunities in Agriculture and Food

Innovation is the key to feeding 10 billion people by 2050. With a growing population, yet limited resources, we must create abundance out of scarcity. Governments, foundations, corporations, and startups are focused on innovation challenges like never before.
The practical, hands-on nature of this program offers opportunities for students to achieve career goals in a variety of ways. The program offers opportunities for indutry partners to innovate in new ways.

  • Industry outlook and innovation trends.
  • Possible career tracks for graduates.
  • Possible innovation outcomes for project partners.
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Industry Partnerships

We invite companies, tech entrepreneurs, scientists, investors, farmers and ranchers, public officials, and other professionals to engage in ways that create value. Join us in the classroom or in the pitch room. Build new relationships. Explore new technologies. Scout for talent. Raise your profile as an innovator. Take your next step with us.

The Practicum Projects

As the capstone of the program, students gain hands-on, real-world experience through a unique, 12-month integrative, team based, business development project. Projects ideas are proposed by innovators in science and industry. Teams are guided in executing their practicum project by CSU faculty, external advisors, and entrepreneur-in-residence mentors. Practicum projects can follow either of two tracks:

  • Venture Creation track
  • Corporate Partner track
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Courses and Programs of Study

Curriculum details of courses and requirements for the masters degree and the certificate are spelled out for current and prospective students.

Costs and Financial Aid

The investment in a professional degree is a serious decision. Here is basic information on the costs of this program, how it compares to others, as well as information on financial aid and scholarships.

How to Apply

The process to apply is simple, and we have a team ready to assist you. We are also glad to talk in person to answer any remaining questions. Let us walk you through things step by step.


Now more than ever, as agriculture diversifies to give consumers many food choices and technology changes the way farmers and other agribusinesses work, innovation and entrepreneurship are key to continuing to develop our future. Agriculture needs people and ideas, and we continue to count on CSU to help us.

Don Brown

Farmer – Yuma CO, Former Commissioner of Agriculture, State of Colorado

The combination of an agriculture and food-systems focus with graduate-level business training is something the industry has needed for a long time.


Corporate agribusiness manager

Meet Our Team

The Agribusiness and Food Innovation Management team combines world class scholars with world class business leaders. Course instructors and practicum advisors bring real world experience into the conversation. And we are surrounded by an amazing range of innovation initiatives and scientists from across all of Colorado State University.

Find Us at CSU Spur

The CSU Spur Denver Campus is a modern day approach to CSU’s land grant mission for research, education, and outreach.

  • A campus that brings learning to everyone, offers collaborative spaces for research around the most pressing issues of our time, and serves local and global communities.
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  • The perfect home for the first-of-its-kind Agribusiness and Food Innovation Management program, preparing leaders to solve local and global challenges