Graduate Student Publications

Our MS and PhD students are provided with guidance and encouragement to publish their research in peer-reviewed outlets. The following list provides recent examples of publications that have included at least one MS or PhD student from the department.

2023Berning, J., Norris, C., & Cleary, R. (2023). Food insecurity among immigrant populations in the United States. Food Security, 15(1), 41-57.
2023de Menezes, T. C., Countryman, A. M., Ferreira Filho, J. B. D. S., & Ferreira, F. (2022). Economic assessment of foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks in Brazil. Q Open, 2(2), qoac028.
2023de Menezes, T. C., Ferreira Filho, J. B. D. S., & Countryman, A. M. (2023). Potential economic impacts of foot‐and‐mouth disease in Brazil: A case study for Mato Grosso and Paraná. Journal of the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association, 2(3), 481-496.
2023Gharib, A. A., Blumberg, J., Manning, D. T., Goemans, C., & Arabi, M. (2023). Assessment of vulnerability to water shortage in semi-arid river basins: The value of demand reduction and storage capacity. Science of The Total Environment, 871, 161964.
2023Ghazaryan, A., Bonanno, A., & Carlson, A. (2023). I Say Milk, You Say Mylk. Demand Separability in a Broadened Milk Category. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics, 48(2), 277-295.
2023Hill, R., Jablonski, B. B., Van, L., Wang, M., Patalee, B., Shepherd, J., & Thilmany, D. (2023). Producers marketing a novel crop: a field-level view of hemp market channels. Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, 38, e22.
2023Lee, M. C., Suter, J. F., & Bayham, J. (2022). Reductions in National Forest Campground Reservation Demand from Wildfire. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
2023Lurbé, S., Burkhardt, J., Goemans, C., Manning, D., & Hans, L. (2023). Further evidence on social comparison and residential water use. Water Resources and Economics, 41, 100214.
2023Palardy, N., Costanigro, M., Cannon, J., Thilmany, D., Berning, J., Bayham, J., & Callaway, J. (2023). Beer sales in grocery and convenience stores: a glass half-full for craft brewers?. Regional Studies, 1-14.
2023Seidl, A., Wallace, K., Cruz-Trinidad, A., Ogena, A., Nirannoot, N., Plantilla, A., & van den Heuvel, O. (2023). Crowdfunding marine and coastal protected areas: Reducing the revenue gap and financial vulnerabilities revealed by COVID-19. Ocean & Coastal Management, 242, 106726.
2023Wallace, K., Suter, J., & McCollum, D. W. (2023). Camping in clearcuts: the impacts of timber harvesting on USFS campground utilization. Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism, 44, 100690.
2022Blumberg, J., Goemans, C., & Manning, D. (2022). Producer Beliefs and Conservation: The Impact of Perceived Water Scarcity on Irrigation Technology Adoption (No. w30080). National Bureau of Economic Research.
2022Hrozencik, R. A., Manning, D. T., Suter, J. F., & Goemans, C. (2022). Impacts of Block‐Rate Energy Pricing on Groundwater Demand in Irrigated Agriculture. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 104(1), 404-427.
2022Mooney, D. F., & Kelley, T. H. (2022). Comparative Profitability of Irrigated Cropping Activities for Temporary Water Transfers under Risk Aversion. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics
2022Mooney, D. F., Hoag, D. L., Rasul, Z. I., & Gao, S. (2022). More risk, more money: When are payments for water savings from limited irrigation profitable for farmers?. Water Resources and Economics, 40, 100212.
2022Shartaj, M., Suter, J. F., & Warziniack, T. (2022). Summer crowds: An analysis of USFS campground reservations during the COVID-19 pandemic. PloS one, 17(1), e0261833.
2022Van Sandt, A., & Thilmany McFadden, D. (2022). Navigating the corn maze: Customizing travel cost models to value market segments in heterogeneous industries. Tourism Economics, 28(4), 899-919.
2021Al-Maamari, A., & Countryman, A. M. (2021). Infrastructure and Agricultural Trade in North and Latin America. Journal of Food Distribution Research, 52(856-2022-267), 101-118.
2021Bonanno, A., & Mendis, S. S. (2021). Too cool for farm to school? Analyzing the determinants of farm to school programming continuation. Food Policy, 102045.
2021Cleary, R., Bonanno, A., Ghazaryan, A., Bellows, L., & McCloskey, M. (2021). School meals and quality of household food acquisitions. Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, 43(4), 1385-1442.
2021Didero, N., Costanigro, M., & Jablonski, B. B. (2021). Promoting farmers market via information nudges and coupons: A randomized control trial. Agribusiness.
2021Dimke, C., Lee, M. C., & Bayham, J. (2021). COVID-19 and the Renewed Migration to the Rural West. In Western Economics Forum (Vol. 19, No. 1, pp. 89-102).
2021Edmondson, H., Gill, M., Jablonski, B. B., Ladd, J., Rossi, J., Schaffstall, S. & Woods, T. (2021). US Consumer Food Insights During the COVID-19 Pandemic. Choices Infographic Series, 36(316-2021-1514).
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2021Love, E., Ehrlich, S., & Sullins, M. (2021). Colorado Producers during COVID-19: A Closer Look at the Potato Supply Chain. Journal of Food Distribution Research, 52(1).
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2021Warziniack, T., Haight, R. G., Yemshanov, D., Apriesnig, J. L., Holmes, T. P., Countryman, A. M.,Rothlisberger, J. D. & Haberland, C. (2021). Economics of invasive species. Invasive Species in Forests and Rangelands of the United States, 305.
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