DARE Seminar Series

DateSpeakerTitle Time/Location
9/14/2023Joey Blumberg (Colorado State University)Perceived Water Scarcity and Irrigation Technology Adoption3:30-5:00pm/ClarkA206
9/21/2023Panel: Lauren Chenarides, Matthew Woerman, Tim Komarek3:30-5:00pm/ClarkA206
10/5/2023Hannah Henninghausen (University of Alaska, Anchorage)Catastrophic Fires, Human Displacement, and Real Estate Prices in California3:30-5:00pm/Natural Res 140
10/12/2023Johanna Mollerstrom (George Mason U) Lucky to Work3:30-5:00pm/Natural Res 140
10/19/2023Alex James (University of Wyoming)Cash Transfers & Voter Turnout3:30-5:00pm/Natural Res 140
10/26/2023Terry Iverson (Colorado State University)Tiered Climate Clubs: A Bottom-Up Approach to Abate Global Emissions3:30-5:00pm/Natural Res 140
11/2/2023Daniel Mooney (Colorado State University)Not So Flat Payoff Functions? Production Risk and Economically Optimal Irrigation Decisions3:30-5:00pm/Natural Res 140
11/9/2023Alessandro Bonanno and Mackenzie Gill (Colorado State University)3:30-5:00pm/Natural Res 140
11/16/2023Srijana Baral (Colorado State University Forestry)3:30-5:00pm/Natural Res 140