Agricultural and Resource Economics Research Focus

We conduct research that addresses important food systems, natural resource conservation, rural development, and education issues.  Our faculty members have garnered millions of research dollars in grant support from national, state, and local funders, won numerous research awards, and serve on the editorial boards for several top academic journals.  Undergraduate and graduate students can work closely with faculty members on a variety of research projects to gain valuable hands-on experience which often results in publication co-authorship.  

Our Commitment

We are committed to sharing our findings with a wide audience through publication in academic journals, presentations at conferences, and outreach to industry, government, and nonprofit organizations. Our work has informed priorities set by county commissioners for agricultural-related programs, influenced Colorado laws on conservation easements, and been at the center of national legislation discussions for cattle pricing.  Our findings have impacted the use of water, land, labor, energy, and other inputs for numerous stakeholders.  Food product and retail outlet labels have been designed based on our recommendations to increase profits and the consumption of healthy goods.   

Seminar Series 

Thursdays from 3:30 – 5 p.m.

Learn about the latest research from our faculty, students, and visitors. 

Assistantships and Funding

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Agricultural and Food Systems Economics

Our faculty approach food system economics from several lenses to further understand challenges in production, supply chain, marketing, products and services. We combine economic theoretical principles with analytical tools to observe and, perhaps enhance today’s dynamic marketplace. Our faculty are actively engaged with local producer groups and retailers, providing analyses that aid them to competitively market their products and services to a more demanding customer.

Facilities and Partnerships

CSU Food Systems


Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Our environmental and natural resource economics research applies economic tools to evaluate the allocation and utilization of natural resources and the management of different environments. Our analysis provides a strong basis to guide societal choices that directly and indirectly affect our environment and allows us to predict the likely effects of government policies and regulations, to devise solutions to pressing natural resource and environmental problems.

Facilities and Partnerships

  • Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service National Wildlife Research Center
  • U.S. Forest Service
  • U.S. National Park Service
  • Powerhouse Energy Campus
  • Nutrien
  • Colorado Water Conservation Board
  • Republican River Water Conservation District


Regional Development Economics Research

Our work in rural development starts at the community level and expands to regional and international scales. We investigate several agricultural and resource allocation specific to Colorado, including land use, tax policy, resource valuation, fiscal impact analysis, industry analysis, and labor market issues. Our international experience involves projects in East Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Central Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Research Facilities and Partnerships

  • CSU Regional Economic Development Institute
  • Colorado Department of Agriculture
  • Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade
  • Colorado Department of Local Affairs
  • Downtown Colorado Inc.
  • Economic Development Corp of Colorado
  • USDA Rural Development Regional Offices

Agricultural Education

Our Agricultural Education research focuses on effective teaching methods and metrics and how to increase and improve agricultural literacy.  We study teaching strategies to generate improved learning outcomes from Extension programming, agriculture classrooms, and first-year college experiences. At the k-12 level, we investigate ways to introduce agriculture in the classroom and how to most effectively provide innovative agricultural literacy badging programs. 

Research Facilities and Partnerships