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Soil Innovation Lab


Advancing understanding, quantification, and forecasting of soil organic matter dynamics to address the twenty first century’s wicked challenges and transform them into opportunities.


As an inclusive and equitable research team, at the Soil Innovation Lab (SoIL) we foster a motivating collaborative study and research environment promoting both the growth and the well-being of each individual member, and of the whole team. With this spirit and drive, the SoIL strives to conduct state of the art research, teaching, mentoring and engagement. Our mission is to:

  • Continuously advance the basic understanding of soil organic matter and health.
  • Form the next generation of soil carbon and health experts for the broad variety of career paths for which this expertise has become relevant.
  • Innovate analytical and modeling tools to improve the study and quantification of soil carbon and health matrices.
  • Engage with producers, decision makers and the broad public to exchange knowledge and drive the implementation of regenerative soil management transforming challenges into opportunities.

Current Research Themes

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Facilities and Instrumentation

Take a moment to browse our innovative analytical equipment and instrumentation.


Browse two of the graduate level Soil and Crop Sciences courses that prepare you to be fluent in soil dynamics and introduce you to the work we do in our lab.

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M. Francesca Cotrufo

Principal Investigator

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Principal Investigator