Facilities and Instrumentation

Our state-of-the-art facility has an array of specialized instrumentation and equipment available to students and researchers. Each instrument is maintained by our expert team and protocols are updated accordingly.

Lab technician adding chemicals to flask

Analytical Instrumentation



An elemental and trace gas analyzer paired to an isotopic ratio mass spectrometer for the analysis of C and N concentration, ẟ13C and ẟ15N in plant, soil, and gas samples.

Lab technician conducting experiment with LICOR instrumentation

Trace gas analyzers

Three high-performance laser trace gas analyzers, for measuring CO2, N2O and CH4 concentrations, and d13C-CO2.

Bruker FITR Spectrometer

FTIR Spectrometer

The Fourier transform infrared spectrometer produces a spectrum that can be further interpreted to identify molecular composition of a sample.

FRAN automatic instrument that can isolate the light particulate organic matter fraction

Fraction analyzer: FRAN

We recently designed and prototyped, with the help of CZero Inc., an automatic instrument that can isolate the light particulate organic matter fraction. Although we are still undergoing tests, this is promising technology that can increase throughput and consistency while decreasing time and cost of density fractionation.

continuous labeling chamber

13C and 15N continuous labeling chamber

We designed and built a continuously 13C and 15N labeling chamber (further described on Jove website). We commonly use it to produce homogeneously or differentially labeled plant material from a broad variety of species from trees to grasses and legumes. We typically target  a 4 atom % 13C label and a 7 atom % 15N label, and  have produced leaves, woody material, roots, root exudates, and biochar we use for our research or can produce for service.