Agricultural Diagnostic And Analytical Services

Supporting Plant and Soil Health 

Good quality water, healthy soils and healthy plants are the foundation for healthy communities. At Spur, the Agricultural Diagnostic Analytical Services – including the Plant Clinic and Soil, Water and Plant Testing Lab – provide quality, cutting-edge analyses to support stakeholders in creating the best possible growing environment for crop production.

Hand holding vial in a testing machine
Lab with work bench, ventilation and cabinets

Why Spur?

CSU Spur’s central location in Denver provides an opportunity to serve a broad variety of audiences – including rural and urban agriculture communities, K-12 students and families, and University students from the CSU system in the Denver area – through easily-accessible multidisciplinary services. Outreach and extension activities will be available on a daily basis.

Soil samples in plastic bags

Soil, Water and Plant Testing Lab

The Soil, Water and Plant Testing Lab at Spur serves farmers and ranchers, homeowners, environmental consultants, landscape contractors and golf course managers. The program provides high quality analytical services, interpretations, and science-based recommendations to guide management decisions to optimize production and profitability while managing the soil and water resources in an environmentally conscious manner.  It will also offer a new suite of cutting-edge analyses focused on soil health insights. 

Sample of a diseased plant

Plant Diagnostic Clinic

The Plant Diagnostic Clinic at Spur is the Colorado state lab in the National Plant Diagnostic Network. A dedicated team of diagnosticians can accurately answer plant pest and disease questions.  Services include:

  • Plant disease diagnosis
  • Agricultural insect identification
  • Plant identification
  • Recommendations