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Soil, Water and Plant Testing Laboratory

What We Analyze


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For more information on our new facility, visit CSU Spur | Bringing learning to life for everyone.


Temporary Lab Closure

The lab will be closed to the public starting on Monday August 29th. Please stay tuned for more information on the date we will start operating from the CSU Spur Terra building in Denver, Colorado.


To properly process your sample and give recommendations, we need you to FULLY complete our new forms.

What happens if you submit an old form?

  • We will call or email and ask you to submit a completed new form.
  • Make sure to include soil depth if you would like fertilizer recommendations
  • If we don’t hear from you within two weeks, we will cancel testing and dispose of your sample.


Monday – Thursday
8:00 am to 5:00
Closed Friday

How to Submit a Sample

Take a moment to review the steps for submitting a soil sample. We want ensure you submit a successful sample.

The Soil-Water-Plant Testing Lab does not test for pesticides or herbicides

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How to Take a Sample

Be sure to familiarize yourself with proper sampling techniques. You can view or download a PDF of the instructions.

Fill Out a Submission Form

We have specific requirements based on the type of sample you have. Navigate to the Forms page and complete the PDF form that best describes your sample.

Please COMPLETELY fill out the form

Mail or Deliver Sample and Form

Once you have filled out and printed your new form, include it with your sample and deliver it to:

Mailing and Delivery Address

CSU Spur
Soil, Water and Plant Testing Lab
Room T-316
4780 National Western Drive
Denver, CO 80216

How To Interpret Your Results

We created a guide on how to interpret your sample results. Feel free to save it as a future resource.

Safe Gardening Guidelines for Marshall Fire

For Areas Affected by the Marshall Fire

Educational Resources

What is Sustainable Turfgrass?

“Soils Matter” Blog

Contact Us

Lab customer service: 

Accounting and payments: 

Lab phone

(970) 491-5061

Hours of Operation

Monday-Thursday, 8 am – 5 pm
Except major holidays

Mailing and In-Person Delivery Address

CSU Spur
Soil, Water and Plant Testing Lab
Room T-316
4780 National Western Drive
Denver, CO 80216

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