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Agricultural Water Quality Program

The Agricultural Water Quality Program (AWQP) protects Colorado state waters and the environment from impairment or degradation due to the improper use of agricultural chemicals while allowing for their proper and correct use. The AWQP is composed of teams within three different organizations: CSU, Colorado Department of Agriculture and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

The CSU branch of the AWQP is responsible for providing the research, education and training on agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs). These BMPs target methods to minimize the impact of fertilizer and pesticide applications on Colorado’s drinking water sources.

The AWQP program builds on a foundation of nearly three decades of research experience, the evaluation of farmer driven practices, and ongoing stakeholder feedback and contributions. The success of our program is rooted in the strong relationships cultivated over the years working with the agricultural community and numerous private and public entities in the state of Colorado.

Agriculture is an unpredictable and ever-changing industry, and the AWQP seeks to adapt, change and focus on the most current needs of our stakeholders. As an unbiased science-based program, the AWQP pursues data to support producer and policy maker decision making in Colorado.

“Agriculture and water are inseparable in a semiarid region such as Colorado. Adequate clean water supplies for drinking, agriculture, industry, and recreation are critical for the lifestyle Coloradans enjoy.”

~Colorado Water Institute Special Report 23


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