C. P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity

Committed to Teaching, Research, and Extension

Our museum houses nearly five million specimens. The collection represents most orders of insects with a strong coverage of Rocky Mountain and southwestern species. 

We house holdings of national importance in the aquatic insect orders:

  • Lepidoptera – butterflies and moths
  • Diptera – flies, gnats and former Center for Disease Control mosquito collection
  • Hymenoptera – ants, bees, wasps and relatives

Unique Holdings

The Collection houses 83 primary types and more than 2,000 secondary types. The associated Bruner Family Library contains important systematic literature. 




Read about the long history of giving from the Gillette family and how it preserves the C.E. Gillette Museum for future generations of entomology and natural science scholars and enthusiasts.

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