2022 PREP Evaluation Comments

Comprehensive Combo

I believe PREP is essential training for those in this industry. Pesticide regulation is complex and somewhat a niche topic in government environmental regulation. PREP serves as an excellent teaching opportunity and networking opportunity for the benefit of all involved.

Structural and Public Health Pests

I feel like this course helped me to see the bigger picture of the work I do by getting to know people with similar jobs in other states. I also thought the whole training was very well organized and almost all of the topics covered were very relevant to the work I do in my state.

Risk Communication

This was the best PREP I have ever attended! All the presentations were pertinent to the topic and the information shared was invaluable.

I definitely recommend the PREP courses to others in my organization. These courses are extremely valuable not only for their contents but also for the opportunity to network with others who also do compliance and enforcement in other states. It is a great opportunity to gain knowledge about the hot topic issues others face that we may not have to deal with on a daily basis.

Executive Pesticide Program Management

PREP offers the best educational programs available to pesticide regulatory officials. This course specifically targets executive (senior) managers and their needs outside of pesticide issues but directly impacting the success of their programs. It offers a relaxed learning environment and the opportunity to fully engage on issues.

General Comments

Probably the best developed, directed and presented course I have attended in over 40 years of being in the water quality protection field. My sincerest compliments and thank you to you all.

James Carpentier

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

As a newbie, you guys have touched on pretty much every area of pesticide testing that I’ve been trying to learn on my own. Thank you very much!


Sally Flowers

Kansas Department of Agriculture Laboratory

It was so informative and very well run. The presenters chosen were great and the course material was in my opinion spot on. I love the formal ‘informalness’ of the course. It really made me feel comfortable for someone who is not always comfortable in a group setting with new people. The contact I have made with other SLAs will be invaluable in the future. I look forward to a time when I can attend a course in person the after-course meals and comradery that forms post meetings. So, again thank you for such a great training.

Douglas Chan

Idaho State Department of Agriculture

As always, the PREPs have been informative, with great information and extremely well put together. Although I have been unable to attend a PREP recently, I have been able to send a staff member or two and have had other colleagues attend. Despite not being able to meet in person, the past year or so (not sure how long anymore), I have received nothing but positive feedback from those in attendance. So, thank you and I’m looking forward to when we can get back to in-person again.

Rob Hofstetter

Maryland Department of Agriculture

I love PREP and the education I have received over the years goes beyond my expectations. PREP has allowed me to learn about a whole different field from the one I spent more of my career in. I feel like I received a second degree!! I have met so many great colleagues who I can always call on for support. PREP is never boring!!

Mary Begin

Washington D.C. Department of Energy & Environment

One issue the state participants identified was that not all labels on PPLS were searchable. I took that back to some very talented individuals in my group who pulled together the right people and launched a workgroup to figure out why this was happening and how to fix it. I’m delighted that workgroup has now finished and we have a process in place to make sure that all labels moving forward are searchable and also retroactively went back and identified existing labels that weren’t readable and fixed them. I share this as an example of wonderful feedback that we heard from the PREP constituents that we were then able to take back and hopefully make their jobs (and ours) a little easier by ensuring all labels are searchable. Just wanted to share!

Kristen Willis

US EPA Office of Pesticide Programs