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The Bug Zoo


The CSU Bug Zoo strives to bring a deeper appreciation for arthropods through hands-on learning opportunities with live insects, enthusiastic volunteers, and continuing involvement in the Fort Collins community. It is home to over 30 different species of arachnids, insects, and other arthropods. We are open to the public for tours, and would love to come visit your classroom!

Would you like to schedule a visit from or a trip to the CSU Bug Zoo?!

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Please email the CSU Bug Zoo to coordinate an event!

The CSU Bug Zoo is located in E-007

Contact the CSU Bug Zoo!

1177 Campus Delivery

Fort Collins, CO 20826

Tyler Yamashita, Husbandry Specialist

Bug Zoo: Plant Sciences E-007

Photo of Maia Holmes

Maia Holmes, Bug Zoo Director

Bug Zoo: Plant Sciences E-007

Matt Camper

Matt Camper, Bug Zoo Supervisor

Office: C031 Plant Sciences
(970) 491-0713 office

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