The Bug Zoo

Our Mission

We strive to bring a deeper appreciation for arthropods through hands-on learning.
We create opportunities with live insects, enthusiastic volunteers, and continuing involvement in the Fort Collins community.

An Enriching Agricultural Biology Experience

Our Bug Zoo and Agricultural Biology K-12 programming gives kids and adults alike the opportunity to interact and engage with arthropods. Our research demonstrates that children learning about bugs when they are are less likely to develop fears associated with insects. 

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We Are Open

Our zoo is home to over 30 different species of arachnids, insects, and other arthropods.


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Classroom Events

We would love to come visit your classroom.
Email the Bug Zoo to schedule your event.

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Bug Zoo On Campus

We are open to the public for Bug Zoo tours.



Meet Our Team

Maia Holmes

Bug Zoo Director

Maia Holmes

Matt Camper

Bug Zoo Supervisor

Matt Camper

Tyler Yamashita

Husbandry Specialist

Tyler Yamashita

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Bug Zoo Director
Maia Holmes

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Giving to the Bug Zoo

We are always grateful for your financial support to help us grow and maintain our zoo.