Research and Engagement

Research Seminar Series

Learn about the latest research projects and findings from our faculty and students. Every week we host an online seminar. Our faculty members Vamsi Nalam and Geoff Morris are leading the series this spring. 

Join in our seminars on Wednesday’s at 11:00 a.m.

Research Programs in AgBio

Colorado Center for Integrated Pest Management

We do research and outreach on integrated pest management practices for Colorado. Get help identifying insect pests and methods to manage them.

C.P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity

An important resource for arthropod research with a unique collection of southwest aquatic specimen.

Crops for Health

Combining research on the health benefits and cancer prevention qualities of beans.

International Weed Genomics Consortium

An annual public and private collaborative event to geared to enhance research in weed biology and management.


Research consultation on best practices for analyzing complex data sets.

Agricultural Biology Outreach Programs


This will more specifically describe the departments outreach and educational programs. This can be organized using 3 or 4 column sections depending on the number of programs in the department. We can use icons or images.

Pesticide Regulatory Education Program

Our mission is to offer professional development courses for pesticide regulatory officials throughout the United States and affiliated territories. Learn more about our programs and upcoming courses.

Plant Diagnostic Clinic

We are here to help the Colorado community diagnose plant disease and pests. We employ a number of diagnostic tools to accurately identify agronomic, urban, and house pests.

The Bug Zoo

We offer an Agricultural Biology K-12 outreach and educational experiences for multiple schools and programs throughout the region.

Colorado Environmental Pesticide Education Program

We ensure Coloradans can get all the current information on pesticide laws and regulations, environmental and worker protection.

Faculty Labs

Plant Physiology and Pathology

Charkowski Lab

We study viral and bacterial potato diseases and develop solutions for growers.

Jahn Lab

Plant Bio-Energy Lab

We study both genetic and molecular factors that enhance plant physiological mechanisms and impacts on biofuel yields.

The Leach Lab

We study the phytobiome in rice-bacterial blight-climate pathosystem and develop sustainable control systems.

Roberts Lab

Our lab investigates molecular plant pathology, microbe interactions, and plant immunity processes.

Stewart Lab

We study tree pathology. Our lab focuses tree diseases in temperate and tropical forests. And fungal pathogens impacting domesticated fruit trees.


Szczepaniec Lab

We study applied entomology and pest management in industrial hemp and chili peppers.

Camper Lab

We have a broad interest for insects in Colorado and impacts to agriculturally valuable plants. And more recently have moved toward urban entomology issues.

Nachappa Lab

Our lab studies plant-virus-insect vector interactions. We are curious about how to use the mechanisms between plants, pathogens, and insect vectors to manage plant diseases and pests.

Nalam Lab

Molecular interactions between plant, microbe, and insect interactions. We aim to better understand the underlying mechanisms of plant pathology.

Plant Ecology

Brown Lab

Plant Invasion Ecology

We study plant invasion ecology and how invasive plants affect interactions between biodiversity and agriculture.


Hufbauer Lab

We are an applied evolutionary ecology lab. We study plant-insect interactions and use Tribolium as a model system to address fundamental questions in evolution and ecology.  

McKay Lab

We study the genetics, ecology, and evolution of natural plant populations. We are curious about adaptation strategies among and between populations.

Argueso Lab

Our work investigates the molecular mechanisms of plant hormones and how the regulate plant health and immunity during environmental disruptions.

Ode Lab

We are investigating the behavior and ecology of parasitoid wasps. We are curious about parasitoid ecology and evolution and multi-trophic interactions between plants and herbivores.

Weed Research

Gaines Lab

The Weed Research Lab

A collaborative research lab among 4 faculty focusing on weedy species management and herbicide resistance.

Dayan Lab

The Weed Research Lab

We are a collaborative research lab. Our work focuses mainly weedy species management and herbicide resistance.