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John E. Rouse Beef Improvement Center



Animal Science

Colorado State University Beef Improvement Center
Author: James S. Brinks

The John E. Rouse-Colorado State University Beef Improvement Center, formerly known as the One Bar Eleven Ranch is located nine miles east of Riverside and twenty-six miles southeast of Saratoga, Wyoming along the North Platte River. The ranch consists of 6,415 acres which includes 800 acres of state lease and 880 acres of BLM land. There are 740 acres of irrigated hay meadows, 200 acres of irrigated alfalfa (pivot sprinkler), 860 acres of irrigated pasture and the remainder is dry land, sage brush, homestead and buildings. Average elevation is about 7,200 feet and annual precipitation averages 9 to 13 inches. The ranch handles about 500 cows along with replacement heifers. Purebred but nonregistered Angus cattle are owned by the Department of Animal Sciences and ranch management is supervised by personnel of the department.

For more information, please contact:

Lindsey Wamsley – Unit Manager
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Ranch Number: (307) 327-5339

Brian Talamantes (Herd Manager)
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Genetic Improvement at RBIC:

The Genetic Trends Report between 1958 to 2011 focused on growth characteristics, birth weight, weaning weight, yearling weight, and milk,calving ease direct, calving ease total maternal, and stayability, and tolerance to high altitude as measured through pulmonary arterial pressure (PAP). Elevated PAP measurements have been selected against to reduce the incidence of animals developing High-Altitude or Brisket Disease… Read More

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