Breeding and Genetics

Our Mission

We combine research, teaching, and outreach to meet the CSU land-grant mission while improving the genetics of economically important livestock. Our group conducts collaborative projects in livestock and equine genetics. We have several programs investigating genetically important elements of large animal health and performance.

We use genetic evaluation, genomic technology and improvement programs as part of our research regimen. And have succeeded in developing novel techniques like EPD in reproduction, feed utilization, health, adaptability and carcass merit.

Equine Genetics Research

We use modern laboratory DNA and RNA extraction techniques, PCR an other molecular biotechnologies to identify candidate genes affecting traits of interest.

We also profile tissue specific gene expression and whole genome and microbiome sequencing to get the broadest understanding of how traits are affected by physiology and environment.

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Center for Genetic Evaluation of Livestock

CGEL conducts numerous genetic evaluations and developmental research for breed associations, private companies, and producer groups around the world. The facility continues to service breed associations and producer group clientele by providing population level cattle evaluations.

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Disease Resistance

Genetics of resistance to bovine respiratory and feedlot diseases, and development of methods for genetic evaluation of animal health traits.

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Animal Productivity

Development and implementation of genetic evaluation and improvement programs for economically relevant traits related to reproduction, maternal productivity, efficiency of feed utilization, feedlot health, environmental adaptability high altitude via pulmonary arterial pressure, and carcass merit.

angus cows standing in corral at the Beef Improvement Center

CSU Beef Improvement Center

The CSU Beef Improvement Center, near Saratoga, Wyoming, is used for research in beef cow-calf production and efficiency, adaptability to high-altitude, and related reproductive traits of genetic and economic importance, with a herd of about 450 Angus cows.

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Seedstock Breeding and Genetics

Students enrolled in elective seedstock courses or the Seedstock Team play an integral role in the breeding, marketing, and management of the CSU purebred beef herds at the ARDEC. They are actively involved in data collection and management, breeding and marketing decisions, advertising and social media, and representing CSU at industry events.

Students in this program have diverse career and educational goals but share interests in beef cattle production, livestock marketing, data and record keeping. As a group they experience the richness of our hands-on learning curriculum and productive engagement with industry where they can begin building their professional networks a they step into the next phase of their education and careers.

Breeding and Genetics Research Faculty

We are happy to answer your questions about our research programs and projects. Feel free to reach out to our team. 

Stephen Coleman

Director of Equine Breeding and Genetics Lab
(970) 491-2681

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