Integrating Research and Education

We develop students who are leaders in problem solving by including them in all aspects of our research programming. Our students get to stand shoulder to shoulder with our faculty as they explore and solve critical issues shared by industry producers, livestock owners, and veterinarians alike. Because of the depth and breadth of our research programming, we engage in research involving advancements in livestock management and production, human-animal interactions, developing best practices in husbandry and training, and food production and safety.

AnSci Seminar Series

Our focus and commitment are to engage with stakeholders, growers, and agricultural communities throughout Colorado. Each month, we host a webinar discussing the latest topics in animal sciences and how they intersect with our state’s agriculture.

Breeding and Genetics

Our breeding and genetics group comprises faculty investigating genetics in large animals including cattle and horses. We specialize in optimizing performance and environmental adaptability.

Breeding and Genetics Research Facilities

Livestock Behavior and Welfare

The Livestock Behavior and Welfare research group at Colorado State University performs research in a variety of topic areas with primary focus on food animal behavior and welfare.

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Meat Safety and Quality

Conducts and publishes applied industry research addressing significant and timely issues related to the global competitiveness of red meats, including red meat safety and product quality, and efforts to export more red meat products to international markets.

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A diverse program that leverages hands-on experience and opportunities for students to conduct bovine, equine and ovine nutrition research.

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Dairy Management Systems

We are a multidisciplinary group investigating solutions for dairy related topics including animal health and welfare, reproduction efficiency, milk quality, worker safety, and profitability.

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Beef Management Systems

The Colorado State University Beef Management Systems team realizes the large impact that beef production has on Colorado’s Agriculture. We are actively developing strategies for reducing our carbon footprint.

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Our group collaborates with the Equine Reproduction Lab and their research on equine genetic preservation, assisted reproductive techniques, fertilization and pregnancy, reproductive physiology, and reproductive pathology.

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