Agricultural Education

We have a thriving program in agricultural and extension education. Regardless of your interest, the faculty and staff in agricultural education are committed to giving you all the mentoring and help that you need to meet your goals. We offer two degree programs with distinct coursework requirements based on your desired educational goals. Additionally we offer an online certificate program to augment your teaching certification needs. 

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Our Purpose

  • Mentoring and support to students pursuing agricultural education concentrations
  • Relevant and experiential education opportunities for students in the program areas
  • Develop a sound research plan of work which articulates a two-fold research agenda: the philosophical need for agricultural education and evaluates participants’ learning programming in agricultural education
  • Value added support for College of Agricultural Sciences programs at Colorado State University who practice agricultural education and literacy outreach, research and teaching
  • Conduct selected educational programming for community-based groups, non-profit organizations, and/or College of Agricultural Science programs
  • Conduct selected educational programming evaluation for community-based groups, non-profit organizations, and/or and College of Agricultural Science programs

Agricultural Education Graduate Programs

Master of Agriculture in Agricultural Education Teacher Development

Teacher Development has two different programs, plan A and B, designed to serve, specifically, current and future teachers of agricultural education.

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Master of Extension Education – Online

The master’s degree in Extension Education prepares you with skills and knowledge to develop impactful programs and deliver educational resources in your role as community educator.

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Teaching in Extension Graduate Certificate

This program certificate is delivered through CSU Online and is offered both as a way to prepare you for facilitating learning through extension and can be a companion to pursuing the Master of Extension Education degree.

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