Landscape Architecture Faculty

Our faculty are a formidable cohort of professionals with a strong pedigree from the country’s top renowned landscape architecture programs, the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and the Stuart Weitzman School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania.

Forged by Professional Experience

Each faculty member are practiced renowned landscape architects that have defined, shaped, and led the profession through skillful planning, design, construction, and implementation. With our unique experience we have built a meaningful curriculum to prepare future landscape architecture students to be the next innovators in their profession.

Landscape Architecture Alumni Advisory Board

Robyn Bartling

BSLA 1999
HordCoplanMacht – Denver
email Robyn

Sam Coutts

BSLA 2013
Ripley Design – Fort Collins
email Sam

Jennifer Gardner

BSLA 2000
Logan Simpson – Fort Collins
email Jennifer

Craig Russell

BSLA 1997
Russell + Mills Studio – Fort Collins
email Russell

Roger Sherman

BSLA 1990
BHA Design – Fort Collins
email Roger

Scott Streeb

BSLA 2007
Michael Van Valkenburgh, Assoc. – Denver
email Scott

Daniel Tal

BSLA 1998 – Lakewood
email Daniel

Craig Vickers

BS Landscape Hort 1987
Civitas – Denver
email Craig

Stacey Weaks

BSLA 1995
Norris Design – Denver
email Stacey

Landscape Architecture Professional Community Advisory Board

Bill Campie

DTJ Design – Boulder
email Bill

Stan Clauson

Stan Clauson Associates – Aspen
email Stan

Nicole Horst

Wenk Associates – Denver
email Nicole

Robby Layton

Design Concepts – Lafayette
email Robby

Nancy Locke

StanTech – Denver
email Nancy

Lynn Moore

Davis Partnership – Denver
email Lynn

Bill Neumann

DHM Design –Denver
email Bill

Laurel Raines

Dig Studio – Denver
email Laurel