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Sample Submittal Forms

Choose Your Form

Find the form that best fits your sample description.

Then follow these steps

  1. Complete the fillable PDF form
  2. Ensure you have COMPLETELY filled out the form
  3. Print your completed form
  4. Mail your sample with your completed form


Mailing Address

Soil, Water, and Plant Testing Lab
Attn: Wilma Trujillo
1120 Campus Delivery
Fort Collins CO 80523-1120

Plant Tissue Submission Form

potato plant with roots

Crop Soil Submission Form

rows of corn

Corn, Wheat, Alfalfa, etc.

Horticulture Soil Submission Form

tomato plants in a greenhouse

Gardens, Lawn and Turf, Tomatoes, Orchard, Trees, etc.

Manure and Compost Submission Form


Feed and Forages Submission Form – No NIR

cows eating from a feeding trough

Corn Silage, Sorghum, Millet, Alfalfa, etc.

Water Submission Form

irrigation water

Wells, Tap Water, etc

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