Szczepaniec Lab

Applied Entomology and Sustainable Pest Management

Our research explores pest and pathogen dynamics in specialty horticultural crops such as industrial hemp and chili peppers.  


Our Current Projects


caterpillars on hemp plant

Hemp Russet Mites

Managing hemp russet mites in the greenhouse and the field.

  • Hemp russet mites are microscopic eriophyid mites that infest indoor and outdoor-grown hemp. In Colorado, hemp russet mites cause significant damage to maturing buds/flowers in plants grown for CBD production.  
  • Our lab is investigating the efficacy of pesticides in managing this emerging pest.  
pepper plant

Alfalfa Mosaic Virus in Chili Peppers

Aphid transmission of alfalfa mosaic virus in chili peppers. 

quinoa stem

Quinoa Pesticide Trials