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Advising and Support

We are here to help you on every step of your education in AgBio and CSU. Each program is unique and our advisors specialize in your specific need. Follow the link that best describes your degree type to get the support and information you needs.

For Current Students

If you are already enrolled as a student additional resources and department related activities are available through the AgBio Intranet Portal.

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Undergraduate Student Success Team

Chris Ammerman

Chris Amerman

Student Success Coordinator
C138 Plant Sciences Building
(970) 491-6804

Punya Nachappi.

Punya Nachappa

Associate Professor and Associate Department Head
Undergraduate Advisor
C201 Plant Sciences

Jane Stewart

Jane Stewart

Associate Professor
Plant Health Minor Advisor
C147 Plant Sciences

Undergraduate Degree Program

Agricultural Biology Major

If you are considering study in biology, we offer a bachelor’s degree program in Agricultural Biology. Our major also offers flexibility to concentrate on your interests. You can choose from three different concentrations:

Agricultural Biology Sequential Masters in Pest Management Program

Earn your Bachelors and Masters degrees in 5 years in this program. ​If you already have a Bachelors degree, you can also join this Masters program, either in person or online. ​

Visit the Agricultural Biology Sequential Masters Degree page for more information.

Graduate Students

Our department is internationally recognized for our work in plant pathology, entomology, and weed science. And our graduate students serve an integral role in our research. We expect our graduate students to work alongside our faculty and researchers scientists working on some of the most pressing biological questions facing our planet.

We make sure you have all the resources you need to stay on track so you can focus on the important work you are doing in the Department of Agricultural Biology.

Graduate Student Coordinator

Giovanni Tolentino Ramos
C129C Plant Sciences Building
(970) 491-0402

Graduate Scholarships and Awards

We understand the value of an excellent education and work hard to make sure you have the financial resources you need to be successful.

Graduate Liaison Committee

Take part in a leadership role to improve graduate student success.

Take a moment to browse our research and engagement programs. Learn more about our faculty research interests and current projects. See how our department is carrying out our land grant mission through our outreach and engagement programs.




Useful Links

CSU Entomology Club

Get involved with our historic student association. And share your enthusiasm for arthropods.

Bug Zoo

Become part of all the fun, and share your love of insects with the next generation.

AgBio Undergrad Research Fellowship

Get paid to do scientific research in one of the AgBio Faculty labs.


Get the details you need to plan your big day. Check-in for updates and safety protocols.