Agricultural Biology

CSU Entomology Club

Our Philosophy

The CSU Entomology Club serves to provide open avenues for interdisciplinary communication, education, and enthusiasm among all people interested in insects and their relatives. We hope to open windows into the fascinating world of arthropods through collecting trips, insect curation, community outreach, guest seminar speakers, and other exciting events.

Meetings are open to all and include students and faculty across multiple fields of study such as forestry, plant pathology, weed science, fisheries and wildlife biology, biology, zoology, entomology, microbiology, liberal arts, and several other disciplines. Club members encompass many different backgrounds and identities, and we are committed to bringing new voices and perspectives to the field of entomology. If you’re interested in being part of the oldest and most exciting club on campus, please reach out to so we can add you to our email list!

Club Officers

President: Claire Walther

Vice President: Charli Geer

Treasurer: Josh Schutt

Financial Officer: Jeffrey Yang

Social Media: Hailee Nolan

Club Advisor: Dr. Matt Camper

CSU Entomology Club


In 1862, Colorado State University opened its doors for the first time. Fifty years later, in 1912, CSU had its first club: The Entomology Club. Clarence P. Gillette, CSU’s first entomologist, established the Entomology Club, giving it the distinction of being CSU’s oldest student organization. At that time the club consisted of four students and four faculty members.

Over the years, the club has gone by several names–including the Gillette Infestation and Gillette Entomology Club–before adopting the current name, CSU Entomology Club. One hundred and ten years and counting, CSU Entomology Club continues to promote education and enthusiasm in the field of entomology, regularly hosting events with over 50 attendees.

Photo of the 1930 CSU Entomology club.
Bee on a flower

Community Outreach and Extension

Within the club, there are lots of opportunities for outreach                   on campus including:

We coordinate with the CSU Bug Zoo to present entomological information using live insects at outreach events, and members can also take part in outreach at schools and science events within the Fort Collins community.

CSU Events

We participate in Ag Day each fall through outreach and cockroach races. In October, we bring live bugs to the CSU Chemistry Department’s Halloween Spooktacular Show, a popular event with more than one thousand attendees! During the school year, we also participate in events such as Cans Around the Oval to benefit the local community. Through these interactive events, we can promote our organization and share the fascinating world of arthropods.


Each year, the CSU Entomology Club sponsors noted speakers to visit CSU. The seminars presented by each speaker cover a wide variety of entomological topics. It is also a unique opportunity for students to meet and interact with notable entomologists from outside our university.