Adams-Atkinson Arena

The Adams Atkinson Arena houses an 80′ x 125′ indoor arena, 36 stalls, offices, a veterinary treatment area, tack rooms, tie rails, a hydraulic lift for equine assisted activities and therapies as well as a classroom equipped with a viewing area.

Our Annual Events

  • Fall Gather Alumni & Donor Dinner
  • KeSa Quarter Horses Annual Performance Horse Sale
  • Equestrian Vaulting
  • Dressage Shows
  • AAEP Short Courses
  • Top of the Rockies Judging Seminar
two physical therapists working with a small child on a horse
equipment outside B.W. Pickett Arena

Facility Rentals

Part of our commitment to continued outreach and engagement with our community is to offer our facility as a rental.

Generally, all rentals are handled through CSU Facilities Management. But if you have preliminary questions about the Adams-Atkinson Arena, please email our ETRC Facilities Manager, Sheila Puckett.